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Why I’ll Not Be Around For Makinde’s Inauguration — Ajimobi


Outgoing governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State will not be available for Engr. Seyi Makinde’s inauguration.
Ajimobi spoke today after visiting President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.
Makinde, who contested under the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has defeated Oloye Adebayo Adelabu of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the March 9, 2019 governorship election.
Ajimobi said he was at the presidential villa to thank the president for all he did for states at a time they were having difficulty paying salaries.
He stated: “I want to thank President Buhari for the support he has given all the states particularly during the period of scarcity of funds to execute our projects, to pay salaries, to meet the socioeconomic development demands.
“He was on hand to help all of us. He supported us by releasing funds to all of us and as at today that I am talking, most of the states including Oyo state are not owing salaries.
“He also assisted us with social infrastructure that is extending the welfare nets to the states, that is why I am here to thank Mr President because in another two days I am going for Umrah and by the time I come back, I won’t be in office as Governor.  I am going to Umrah to thank God.
When I came in, I pleaded with God to give me the opportunity to serve peacefully and that He did.
“I also want to thank the people of Oyo State for allowing me to be the first governor to do two terms of eight years. It has never happened in Oyo State.
“I am leaving a legacy of peace and security in Oyo. At a time Oyo State was seen as what you call a garrison state. Today, Oyo state is one of the peaceful states in Nigeria. If our government has not done anything at all, we have brought peace and tranquillity and development to Oyo state. It’s been a worthwhile venture.
“Many of us could sit back and say I retired as an MD of a multinational but if we sit back and play the ostrich, we will see that evil will always triumph when men of good will fail to act.
“I want to say that Ajumobi came, brought peace to Oyo state and added value to the social economic development of the State and to Nigeria in general.”


  1. Ogbeni Ajimobi is a heartless human being,a government that doesn’t have local government chairman for 8years that’s a shit, I wonder what all the Elders and King in Oyo state looking, you guys have commission coming to your pockets every month, that’s a shame on all of you, you damn old fools when you looking at the children of today leaders of tomorrow don’t go to school because Ajimobi can’t pay just salaries and after their retirement no payment.. No free Education, Free health, people are dead of starvation no food on their table, no good roads and street lights in Oyo state, dumping trashes in the middle of the roads, your government can’t provide just trash bin for each streets and local government, you employ old women and men to be swiping the roads and streets with brooms, indicating the fucking sign of APC logo.. People of ibadan and oyostate Wakeup, can Ajimobi or the incoming government makinde employ their parents or family to be swiping the roads and streets with brooms??.. Ask Ajimobi does your parents benefit from government free education to send to you school to become what you are today, or you expect the youth of ibadan and oyostate to be washing corpse that you did in abroad before you become the governor, 8YEARS AGO, YOU STATED THAT OYO STATE WILL BE LIKE ROME, LOL… YOU ARE DAMN FOOL OF YOURSELF AND YOUR GENERATION, NOT THE GLORY OF THE STATE.. IS IBADAN OR OYO STATE THAT FUCKING ROME YOU TALKING ABOUT?…… Your Wife embezzled our State money to abroad, you guyz are not safe, soon you will expose soon, you will see yourself without mirror.. You can’t pay 30,000naira,( 95$) minimum wage for workers who have served and serving their state… And for osinbajo, you are damn shame for the Yorubas, you are servant for the Northerners, LOL.. Nigeria get belle since 1960 screaming sweating, pain, agony, when Nigeria go born.. Can any of you call yourself Leaders of Nigeria standout and say, This is an Hero, Icon, Follower, Mentor??? Buhari, Obansajo? You rule in darkness not in Lightness so any leader who ruling in darkness is not a Leader.. GOD BLESS ME, MY NIGERIA.. Note A Young person is coming to tarnish you guyz, it will be a like season film you and your generation will not watch Finish.

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