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I’ll Likely Further My Education Abroad But… — Alaafin’s Photographer Of 14 Years


Akewusola Ibrahim Bolaji is a household name, in Oyo town and especially among those who follow the activities of the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi.

For 14 years, Beejay Bright, as the documentary photographer who was trained by his mum is fondly called, has been creating beautiful moments of the revered monarch. In fact, he has gone from being a photographer to becoming one of the trusted aides of Oba Adeyemi.

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In a recent chat with OYOINSIGHT.COM, the second class (upper) degree graduate of history and international studies from the Ekiti State University, revealed that his journey into the palace was facilitated by Ayaba Ramat Adedayo Adeyemi, who is popularly called Iya Ilekoto. And nine years after, he started working with the 83-year old monarch.

Explaining how working with Alaafin has taken him to places he never envisaged, he said he would still love to further his education.

”My brother, I am enjoying God’s grace through Oba Lamidi Adeyemi. Who would have thought I would become a royal lens handler? Not even my parents. What have I not done working with the Alaafin? I have gone places with him. I have met distinguished Nigerians, I have travelled out of this country. I have performed Hajj. I have done many other good things.

”It’s a rare privilege being with Oba Adeyemi. He is a walking encyclopedia that we all learn from everyday. In fact, I can say I studied history at the NCE and degree levels because of his influence. Kabiyesi is too loaded. I pray he lives longer for many people to drink from his deep intellectual stream.”

Asked if he would love to further his education, he said without hesitation “Yes, I want to gain wider knowledge in my field and to promote the institution of Alaafin. In the course of my numerous travel with Kabiyesi, he has never stopped telling us the importance of education. The names of quality schools abroad are at his fingertips. He has knacks for quality education. However, my traveling abroad to further my studies has not been given serious thought. I would want a situation where I would not be too far from Kabiyesi. This is a man who has entrusted me with many important tasks. In fact, that I emerged one of the best during my degree programme was due to the tutelage I received from him. You know I studied history, Alaafin is history himself. I wonder why he is still a voracious reader at his age. I will tell you something if you do not know – Oba Adeyemi is a friend of top journalists and academics. Alaafin is too deep. I wonder why our universities don’t invite people like him for presentations.”

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