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OPINION: Wait, Why Ajimobi For Senate? 10 Reasons | Akinsiku Oladayo


To be very honest, when I first heard about Governor Abiola Ajimobi’s senatorial bid, even as a fan of the man, still, I was like, “really? Kilode now??”. That was my very human reaction to it; that “wetin-ajimobi-dey-find-again” feeling. I was like that for weeks until I actually calmed my emotive feelings, and actually just thought about it, this time, logically. Since I came up with these 10 reasons I’m about to share below, I’ve been a believer in that mandate. Let’s go.

1. Abiola Ajimobi’s towering experience is something one can’t just miss. Even when one tries to argue it, his towering experience is just up there for all to see and appreciate. He’s served years in both the private sector and public offices. There’s no other reason that beats the this particular reason. My dad once told me, anyone who argues against experience, or argues against the potency of experience, is worse than a fool.

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2. I mean, why should we in Oyo south miss the opportunity to employ a vastly experienced representative with their votes? No reason beats this; in fact, every other ‘thought’ against this fact is just sentiment, if we won’t deceive ourselves. He knows the legislature, knows the executive, understands the judiciary – a trio of advantage a Governor of his caliber must have mastered.

3. Ajimobi is vocal, bold and actually very loaded. He is vastly read as most of us have come to know from his many engaging speeches. We’ve all experienced this. He is the kind of Senator who will speak in the red chamber and people will listen.

4. Candidly, someone of the caliber in number three (3) above will not only be a Senator of Oyo south; by his audible and laudable contributions in that red chamber, everyone will know a Senator from Oyo state.

5. He is a workaholic with a no-nonsense “must-be-done” character towards work. Ask his cabinet members, in fact, they “fear” him for this. So, trust me, Ajimobi won’t be the SLEEPING SENATOR.

6. He is a welfarist who loves developing human capital too. Even his enemies/opponents can attest to this very popular fact about Ajimobi – he gives and raises opportunities for people to grow. And this is why anyone should already “envy” constituents of Oyo south considering what they are in for per welfare and human capital development.

7. He also possesses a development mindset, not a merely political mindset. Let’s just check out Oyo state today as compared to before – a jarring face-lift has happened. The furtherance of infrastructural development that will keep driving socioeconomic growth in Oyo-South is ensured in his candidacy.

8. Synergy. The abundance of advantage that will be birthed from the synergy of effort from an APC executive Governor in Adelabu and an APC Senator in Governor Ajimobi is very rich. If we start to count this, we may unnecessarily lengthen this post.

9. He is a leadership mastermind. The quality of leadership Ajimobi will provide in Senate will make us proud in Oyo state generally. How do I know this? Just check out the way he has been consistently deployed as a natural leader in the Nigeria Governor’s forum and within the APC. 

10. He was one of the few Senators who stood firm AGAINST the corruptible third-term bid of Obasanjo in 2007 despite the pressure, even though he was from the southwest. This proves one thing – and that is Ajimobi’s legislative worth and value.

Two teachers, you need to employ one to teach your kids mathematics. The first teacher has taught kids here, there, and anywhere successfully and his famous for it; the second teacher has not, but promises to deliver. Who will you employ, having the opportunity of choice and not driven by sentiment??? The first? Yeah, I thought as much.

In truth, Governor Abiola Ajimobi is a great shot at purposeful representation for Oyo south, and excellent legislation in the 9th senate that we Oyo state citizens will be proud of.

In truth.

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