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OPINION: Between Seyi Makinde And Bayo Adelabu | Dotun Oyelade


Chief Bayo Adelabu restated it for the umpteenth time, at the Fresh FM gubernatorial debate last Sunday that of all the gubernatorial candidate, he alone had a First Class degree and the most successful entrepreneur because he has a staff of 600 in his private business spanning 12 years in Nigeria.

By all means, even if he did not tell us how much tax he has paid to government on his businesses, that is no mean achievement anywhere in the world but the only problem is, the young man is flaunting is pecuniary advantage in the face of angry citizens who are incensed by insensitive fat cats who give the impression that you aren’t smart if you haven’t got the big bucks.

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The time and clime of his affluence declaration is equally inauspicious and insensitive to say the least
Bayo Adelabu is in good company though because he has learnt the art of robust loquaciousness from Governor Isiaka Ajimobi, his avowed hero and mentor. With aplomb at yet another debate, this time at the Splash FM two days later, he regaled the audience with his story of fortune and pedigree. To confirm his naivety about the untold story of his illustrious progenitor, he burst into a popular Yoruba song which at worst confirmed the gory politics to which the polity was subjected.

Thank God, Edmund Obilo was on hand to annihilate any misgivings about a dubious revisionism.

So, the gentleman was in good company because his mien, his comportment and carriage were truly standoffish to be fair.
To cut a long story short, he was arrogant.

On the other side of the divide was Seyi Makinde who refused to be dragged into an ego war and who, when egged on by the unforgiven radio presenter , only waxed philosophical by saying that money and wealth are of God and kept in custody of his Anointed to be deployed for the better good of the society.

So why did Seyi Makinde not halt Adelabu on his arrogant track and reveal that he, Seyi has businesses across five continents of the world and he employs over 2000 workers to boot?

If there is any reason why Seyi Makinde refused to say this and more in spite of obvious provocation by a man who wants to be seen as Primus Inter Pares, the answer must come from a disciplined background and an inner peace and contentment that is the hallmark of natural leaders.

’Dotun Oyelade is Engr Seyi Makinde’s spokesperson.

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