Home News Olunloyo: Ibadan Should Reduce Lines, Rung Of Ladder To Becoming Olubadan

Olunloyo: Ibadan Should Reduce Lines, Rung Of Ladder To Becoming Olubadan


Former governor of old Oyo State, Omololu Olunloyo, has advocated for a reduction in the lines and ladder to becoming the Olubadan of Ibadan.

Nigerian Tribune quoted the Ibadan-born scholar as saying this at a symposium.

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He was said to have added that the Olubadan chieftaincy tradition, Chiefs Law and Subsidiary Laws are replete with contradictions and obstacles that need urgent review, in order to make ascendancy to the Olubadan throne problem-free.

“There are six obstacles in the way of an Olubadan. Some of these obstacles are in the Chiefs Law and some are in the Subsidiary Law. The system is semi-promotional. There was this Akinyo crisis when the late Oba Akinyele wanted to become Olubadan. In fact, what the law even says is that the Olubadan-in-Council can choose from the four most senior chiefs in the next line of succession to become the next Olubadan, not necessarily the most senior. Something must be done to reduce the lines and the rung of the ladder. We also need to remove all obstacles in the Chiefs Law,” he said.

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