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A Review Of Ogidiolu’s Folakemi | Sogo Oladele


Music is life, it is the soul of a society, and it reflects the worldview of the people. Music is meant to be a form of expression, an expression of the singer’s deep feelings.

Unfortunately, in recent years, music in Nigeria has been turned into a venture that is strictly for entertainment. Very few artistes are genuinely interested in the art of making music that challenges the audience, and that evokes a sense of understanding in the listener.

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Over the years – though intermittently – Ogidiolu Afrocentric has shown us flashes of brilliance, and brought nostalgic feelings of listening to classic afro infused songs. He has given us amazing tracks in the past – tracks that have evoked deep feelings and emotions for lovers. This track is no different, it is a deep rendition that will get to anyone. His songs dance around the celebration of Africanism and Afrocentrism. He dwells on the human virtue, especially those virtues necessary to advance a society, and on the importance of love in the society. He has also created an amusing and comical way of passing across his message. He is a humorist who fuses humor and satire into his music to make a perfect mirror of the society.

In this new track, Ogidiolu drops his humorous tone to adopt a more serious tone as he sings a love song to his lover. He sings of his lover’s beauty, saying there’s none as beautiful as she. Even though others may try endlessly to match her beauty, she stands out among others no matter how hard they try. The amazing thing about his distinct style is that he takes a lot from legends such as Beautiful Nubia, Tunji Oyelana, etc., he follows their trend of singing deep praise of their lover’s beauty.

However, even though his love for Folakemi, his lover, is real and firmly rooted, it is unrequited. He tries to persuade her to his side, but her resolve is firm and unshaken as well. This is a classical love story that has been told many times, but the difference with Ogidiolu is that while he is ready to love her till the end of time, he is not ready to spend an eternity waiting for her love. He ends the song with an emphatic warning to Folakemi that he has no time to waste, and this sets him aside. Classical stories of unrequited love have always ended with the man being spellbound throughout his time on earth, and having no time to love another.

This track is an amazing track that has all the makings of a hit track. Ogidiolu has shown us that he has what it takes to be at the top, and with this track, he emphasizes that the more; we await his stardom.

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