Home News Ecstasy As Oyo Muslim Community Distributes Palliatives Across 33 LGs

Ecstasy As Oyo Muslim Community Distributes Palliatives Across 33 LGs


The Muslim Community, Oyo State has distributed palliatives to its members across the thirty-three local governments in the state courtesy of the three senators in the state, Senator Sharafadeen Alli (Oyo South), Senator Yunus Akintunde (Oyo Central) and Senator Fatai Buhari (Oyo North).

The distribution, which was held at Bodija Estate Islamic Centre, Ibadan had in attendance heads of Muslim Communities who are present to pick palliative for their various local government.

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While addressing the local government representatives, the Chairman, Oyo State Muslim Community, Alhaji Kunke Sanni commended them all for their presence, especially those who came from far places.

According to the Chairman, the palliatives would have been sent to them but local representatives were invited to ensure that it is well documented and everyone is carried along.

The chairman who laid emphasis on justice further enjoined the representatives to ensure that the palliative is well distributed and that it reaches the rightful beneficiaries.

“You can see cars parked around, all the people here are well to do, they are just trying to help, we have not given them money for transportation and somebody has come all the way from Iwere-ile which shares a boundary with the Benin Republic, some from Saki and they are going to bear that responsibility, that is the spirit of Islam.

“The palliative is shared equally to all the thirty-three local government irrespective of the population that a local government has, no discrimination whatsoever.

“You know what the situation in the country is, so we are extending this to those who cannot afford to feed themselves even before Ramadan for them to be able to fast with ease.

“We understand that the federal government also gives palliative which was distributed yesterday, that is why we are appealing to the representatives that whoever benefited from that one should not be considered for this one so that it can at least go round because you can’t give to everybody.

“We have told the representatives to be fair minded in the distribution. We have done our bit for instance, they know how much we were given and nobody has taken one bag. As chairman, I’m not an indigent person so I cannot say I want to take part of it. In my own little way, in my area, I have tried to assist. So we encourage them not to be self-centered, they should allow it to go to the ordinary people.”

On the efforts of Muslims politicians to support the needy during Ramadan, he said “Let me be frank with you, a lot of them have done their bits it seems that these three senators are very close to the Muslim communities, they are very fantastic Muslims, it is very easy to convince them to do part of what they have done in the name of the Muslim community.

“This is just a scratch in the body of a lot of things that they have done in the Ramadan. So, we have appealed to others but we know that they have done what they could but they just didn’t want to pass their palliative through the Muslim community.

“You will also remember that some individuals and philanthropists here and there are also doing their little bit. This is the month of giving even if we don’t have the problem of shortages or inflation that has hit deep into everybody’s pocket, normally Muslims are very charitable during Ramadan. What we heard from the Prophet (peace be upon him) is that whatever act of ibadah you do during the Ramadan, you get reward in 70 times. So every Muslim is willing to do one or two things for his brothers during Ramadan.

He further sent his words of encouragement to the Muslims in the state. “To all Muslims in the state, I want to urge them to cooperate and be their brothers keep because the Prophet said you are not yet a Muslim until you want for yourself, what you want for your brothers.”

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