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Akintola Attacking Makinde To Keep Himself In The News Till 2023 — Taiwo Adisa


For saying that the incumbent administration in Oyo State is directionless, Governor Seyi Makinde’s chief press secretary, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, has said that , Chief Niyi Akintola passed such comment for want of tangible things to say in order to remain in the news ahead of the next election.

OYOINSIGHT.COM had reported how Akintola, on a Fresh 105.9 FM programme yesterday, said Makinde doesn’t have a think-tank, adding that the administration acts before thinking.

But according to Adisa, “The issue of think-tank is not a matter for newspaper or broadcast advertisement. They didn’t call it a market square body but a think-tank. If the governor does not have a think-tank, is it he that is not in government that would know?

“It is unthinkable for any educated person to think that another educated person would not follow procedures that are normal. What we are sure of is that people like Chief Akintola will want to keep being in the news ahead of coming elections, so, they want to say anything that comes from their mouth.”


  1. 223 is the end target for Akintola. Hence, the justification for the means. They can only see the feathers on the 🐦. They can never get near the 🐦

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