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Why Oyo People Should Vote Makinde | Adeshina Badmus


Seyi Makinde undoubtedly remains the best candidate and people’s choice especially by those who want Oyo State to be taken to the greater heights when placed side by side by other gubernatorial candidates jostling to become the Agodi Landlord.

To clear all doubts, Oyo People will be making the best decision if Makinde rides into the corridor of power for more massive development and considerable progress to take place across the state.

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Makinde is immensely gifted, intellectually deep and has a knack for seeking out attention on issues that convulse the state and has all it takes to restore the lost glory of the state. Makinde has been a manager of people and wealth for many years.

As at today, he is a successful businessman and philanthropist, having set up his preliminary outfit at the tender age of 29 in the year 1997.

He has been giving back to the people at all levels despite that he has not been able to hold any political post ever since.

Makinde has impacted resourcefully on the lives of the people particularly, the less privilege across the state. He has done wonderfully well including on education such as awarding students bursaries, scholarships, donating blocks of school building ,provision of boreholes for clear water and financial aids is unarguably. He has been creating employment opportunities through vocational courses for many years and he has not been playing politics by fulfilling his pledges to touch people’s lives.

As things stand in the state, Oyo People would be the luckiest if Makinde becomes the next Agodi Landlord following the moribund state of the things across the state.

Makinde’s impeccable pedigree and unblemished records remains unquestionable till date since 11 years that he has thrown his hat in the ring to lead and serve the people. For the real ‘Change’ and not the charade to take place in the state,a man of integrity like Makinde should be allowed to steer the ship of the state . Makinde is by all standard a man of God and his godliness is by marked by servant lifestyles, goodwill, transparency, commitment, faithfulness, patriotism and humanity. His agenda is unpretentious and his background speaks volumes.

Undisputedly, the best man for the job in 2019 is the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party,PDP in Oyo State, Seyi Makinde. Despite the fact that he has not held any public office, Makinde has performed well and deserved to be elected in 2019 as Oyo State Governor.

Makinde knows where Oyo State is coming from,and where she is,right now. He has been doing a lot of good programmes and projects that have direct impacts on the lives of the people as well as create direct and indirect jobs.

Oyo People need to vote for him as Governor in 2019 so that everyone can benefit from his good programmes he has been doing for more than ten years .

However, my call to the good people of Oyo State is that everybody should come out en masse to exercise their constitutional rights and people should not be deceived by the charade promises or any form . When you look at Makinde, he has the pedigree and the ethics to be a Governor.

In fact, if Oyo people desire to vote for someone who has a good character and antecedents, Makinde could not be found wanting.

My appeal to Oyo people is to vote for Makinde who has the character and capacity of serving them well and making them better . People should not be carried away with pledges that are unrealistic and people should not see their votes as civic responsibility but their power.

Above all, Makinde is the man that fits the moment and people should conclude that, the solutions to the nagging challenges befalling Oyo State are at his reach and he will do wonders if allowed to put him to play.

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