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Senator Gbenga Babalola And His Failures | Abiodun Amuda



Public office requires certain qualities among which include the tenacity to utilize a mandate/opportunity to the benefit of mankind especially those who elected such individual to the office.

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It defers logic when a former occupant of a particular office whose mandate was given with blood stain of individuals could come out of his shell and begin to peddle lies as a prelude to stage a comeback after a failed 4 years at National Assembly.

With Senator Babalola’s openly displaying ignorance on how certain things work in National Assembly, it is obvious why he failed woefully during his time in the Senate.

A former Senator is expected to maintain a decorum and support the incumbent on how to move our Senatorial District forward, it is unfortunate Senator Babalola chose to play politics with a genuine efforts of Distinguished Senator Buhari AbdulFatai to sponsor a Bill for an Act to establish Federal University of Agriculture and Technology, Oke-Ogun.

With Senator Gbenga’s submission that no individual bill has seen the light of the day in terms of implementation by the Executive, may I state that the same type of University we are looking for in Oke-Ogun sponsored by Distinguished BAF is the same one sponsored by Senator Na’Allah (Kebbi South) tittled Federal University of Technology And Agriculture, Zuru, Kebbi State. It is noteworthy that the University is taking off in October this year with the announcement of Professor Musa Isiyaku Ahmed as the Vice-Chancellor for the University.It is lack of competence for a one time Senator to say individual sponsored bills and motions are efforts in futility!

The reason for this vitriol from Senator Babalola is obvious even to the blind. Everyone knows Senator Babalola nurses grudges against Distinguished Senator BAF despite the former being rigged out in favour of the latter in 2007 Senatorial contest. An opportunity lost sometimes is very hard to regain, thus, the jealous attitude over the unprecedented performance of Distinguished Senator BAF.

Another tantrum from Senator Babalola was that motion and bills sponsorship is a waste of time in National Assembly, he would have hide his inability to sponsor just one for the whole 4 years and remain in his shell, instead, he justified his failure by dismissing the efforts been done by Lawmakers to attract infrastructure to their constituencies and districts.

Senator Babalola suggested all Obas and Elders in Oke-Ogun should have been marched to Aso-Rock by Distinguished BAF to meet the President and FEC to table a demand for Federal University for Oke-Ogun. What comes to mind is why didn’t he do the same while in office from 2007-2011. Maybe he has forgotten that for every institution established, its modus operandi and legal basis start from National Assembly. Also, Senator Babalola was lost on the day Distinguished BAF did the second reading of the bill establishing the University, the cost, how to generate the money among others were attached to the lead debate.

With all the failures, what individual Senator constantly bring to their district is constituency projects and empowerment. Can Senator Babalola point to a significant single constituency project executed while in office for 4 years?. No need to look further, your guess is good as mine! No wonder when Senator Ayo Adeseun who at that time was at the National Assembly the same time with Senator Babalola was working hard for the Federal Polytechnic, Ayeide to be sited in his constituency which is within (Oyo Central Senatorial District), our very own was just nowhere to be found.That would have been the best time to mobilize our Royal Fathers and Elders from Oke-Ogun to Aso-Rock as suggested by him since at that time the party he was representing at the Senate was the same party of the then President in Aso-Rock.

It’s therefore annoying that a figure like Senator Babalola can come out and criticise an outstanding personality, Senator Buhari who in just a year in office influenced a total of 27 ICT/e-learning centres to the district, facilitated the completion of Iseyin/Okeho road, Igbeti/Iseyin road among other valuable projects.Also it is pertinent so say that Senator Buhari has facilitated a total of 57 ICT/e-learning centres to Oyo North in addition to his personal bills aimed at developing every nook and cranny of the district.

Among the bills sponsored by Senator Buhari AbdulFatai which shall become law Insha Allah include:

1. Transport Commission Bill (Public Hearing).

2. Compulsory Debate Bill for Candidates vying for the office of President, Vice-President, Governor and Deputy Governor (Third Reading).

3. Nigeria Railway Corporation Bill (Third Reading).

4. Federal University of Agriculture and Technology, Oke-Ogun Bill ( Public Hearing).

It must be noted that Senator Buhari AbdulFatai and Senator Bala Na’Allah started their bills on University of Agriculture in 8th Assembly and both didn’t make it. With the inauguration of 9th Assembly, the two Senators re-sponsored their bills again, while that of Senator Bala Na’Allah has been passed, signed into law and the University is set to take off, Senator Buhari’s own is at committee stage awaiting public hearing and it shall be passed, signed into law and be sited in Oke-Ogun Insha Allah. What is needed is our support, prayers and unity to achieve this lofty milestone. The thinking shouldn’t be if you can’t do it, nobody must do it. So If there’s anybody from any corner castigating a figure like Senator Buhari who is a pride of the constituents in Oyo North, it shouldn’t have been Senator Babalola.

Lastly, Senator Babalola claimed that Oyo North seat belong to only Oke-Ogun. We should note that the senatorial seat belongs to the 13 local government areas comprising Oke Ogun and Ogbomoso. Senator Babalola is not wiser than people of Oke-Ogun who elected Senator BAF for second time as a result of his competency, achievements and human relations which is unparalleled. So, I cannot imaging a time when Deputy Governor and a Senator will all come from only one single zone either Ogbomoso or Oke Ogun. If our people in Oke-Ogun decided in 2023 that it is Senate we want, so be it. I am also sure Ogbomoso people would gladly jump at the opportunity of presenting the Deputy Governorship. I don’t think any party will zone the two positions to a single zone either Ogbomoso or Oke-Ogun.

Senator Babalola was just lucky to ride on the shoulder of Late Baba Lamidi Adedibu when he ‘defeated’ Senator Buhari in 2007 but wasted the 4 years in the Senate. Such luck shouldn’t be seen as his competency to be elected.

Private bills sponsored by Senators and implemented (Signed into Law) by the Executive Arm include:

1. Federal University of Technology and Agriculture, Zuru, Kebbi State by Senator Na’ Allah (Kebbi South).

2. Electronic Transaction Bill jointly sponsored in 8th Assembly by Senator Buhari AbdulFatai (Chairman, Senate Committee on ICT/Cybercrime) and Senator Rafiu Ibrahim( Kwara South and Chairman, Senate Committee on Banking) .

3. Disability Bill sponsored by Senator Francis Alimekana ( Edo North).

4. Local Content Bill sponsored in 6th Assembly by Senator Lee Maeba,( Rivers Central). This was done while Senator Babalola was in the same 6th Senate.

Thank you and God bless.

Abiodun Amuda (2A).

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