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PHOTOS: Seyi Adisa Distributes 5,900 Textbooks, 2,000 Exercise Books, 1,000 Bags, 1,000 Uniforms… In AFIJIO


There was palpable excitement in the air as over 1,000 pupils and teachers spread across AFIJIO local government gathered last week at the main hall of Ilora Baptist Grammar School, venue of the official kick off of the EJEKASEYI EDUCATION PROGRAMME, an initiative of the member representing the state constituency in the Oyo State House of Assembly, Hon. Seyi Adisa.

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Driven by his politics of development mantra, and under the aegis of the Seyi Adisa Development Initiative (SADI), a total of 5,900 textbooks, 2,000 exercise books, 100 instructional aids, 1,000 school bags and 1,000 uniforms, were given to the students who gathered from all the 8 regions of AFIJIO.

More books were given to revive the libraries of all the 27 primary schools and 17 secondary schools in the local government area.

Speaking with journalists after the event, Adisa explained that “this Ejekaseyi Education Programme embodies a holistic approach to providing qualitative education to every child in AFIJIO, such that it is designed this via 3 solution points.

“Number one is the provision of education materials and accouterments, books, bags, uniforms, aids, etc, to these kids” Hon. Seyi mentioned.

“Secondly, the method involves trainings, of both the education personnel which are the teachers and instructors, upping their proficiencies; and then also is the training of the students, equipping them with modern digital and leadership skills that will make them sound and competitive.”

He added, “The third approach is the infrastructural upgrade, and this involves standardizing the environment in which these kids learn. We need to make it conducive enough”.

While adding that the Ejekaseyi Education programme won’t focus on one of these approaches at the expense of the others, he restated the need to get partners to collaborate with the initiative to make all goals achieved.

The launch attracted key education stakeholders in the state and in AFIJIO as leaders of the Nigerian Union of Teachers, the State Universal Basic Education Board, members of the All Nigeria Confederation of Principals of Secondary Schools, political and community leaders, and a collegiate of teachers and parents, who all lauded the initiative as not just a timely one, but also a very futuristic effort that considers the future of the kids.

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