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Oyo Sons In Seyi Makinde’s Cabinet, Where Are Your Voices? | Ayo Sanda Ladigbolu


From time immemorial politics has always been a struggle for the allocation of state resources and developmental projects. The players are politicians, the spectators are the masses, and perhaps the fourth estate of Government (the press).

The major purpose of political participation should be geared towards fulfilling developmental policies and projects for one’s constituents and constituency.

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In any government setting, a representative is expected to be versatile in diplomacy and negotiation. These are gadgets of political correctness.

Oyo town is represented (not adequately though) in the current administration in Oyo state. Sadly, the town seems to be neglected in the short and long term plan of the Governor Seyi Makinde – led government. Politics/Governance is who gets what, when, and how. A question now goes thus: what is Oyo town getting from the Seyi Makinde’s government?

The question is for both Eng. Seyi Makinde and Oyo sons serving in his government (appointed or elected).

Our governor should be reminded that he is a governor for all of us in the state (including the opposition parties). Your plan, policies and projects should positively affect all zones in the state. No zone should be marginalized on the basis of emotional sentiments or personal aggrandizement.

To the sons and daughters of Oyo town in the Oyo state cabinet, you are not only representing yourselves but also the yearnings and aspirations of your community. Whenever the government is allocating resources, be assertive enough to stand for your people. Don’t forget you are coming back. And if you refuse to back home after public service, posterity is there to judge us all.

If you are serving in a government that marginalizes your community, resignation is better than being silent.

Oyo state can grow and develop only when we have informed citizenry that can ask questions devoid of subjective or emotional sentiments. Criticisms that are constructive are meant to put the government into frontiers of action. This observation is from someone who wants all-round success for his state.

Prince Ayo Sanda Ladigbolu writes from Oyo town.

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