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Oyo PDP Elders’ Forum: A Patriotic Call For Reflection | Omo Iya Kunmi


I read yesterday, with dismay, a news item published by an online news medium, OYOINSIGHT.COM, reporting the Oyo PDP Elder’s Forum’s letter to the Governor of Oyo State, Gov. Seyi Makinde, requesting him to replace the vacant space left by the demise of Rt. Hon. Kehinde Ayoola and specifically suggesting some people for the position. The timing of the letter, whether proper or ill-timed, isn’t the subject of this piece.

In the letter, the elders congratulated the Governor on his one year anniversary in office and went ahead to appeal to the State Governor to replace the late Commissioner with ‘qualified seasoned poreplacements then they went ahead to mention some names.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with the elders’ demand/appeal. Apparently, they are fighting for what is right, ‘a replacement by one of the deceased’s kinsmen.’ Its absolutely right and I have no issue with that.

Now, my issues with the content of the letter is;

– One would have expected the Elders, while congratulating the Governor on his one year anniversary, to implore him to look into some of the abandoned/uncompleted projects lying all around the town. They could have helped us push a lot of our agitations, with their position, to the Governor.

– Secondly, and which is perhaps the most fundamental, is the set of names the Elders suggested as potential replacements for the late commissioner.

It takes no effort before one would deduce that the GSM-led government encourages youth participation in its cabinet; from Seun Tna, to the Commissioner for Youth and Sports, and across board to some of the Governor’s personal aides. These are brilliant chaps in between their late 20s and early 30s.

Isnt it then disturbing that some of the suggestions of our elders included some people who have been at the helms of affairs of the State years back, when probably some of the current appointees and those they want to occupy positions with were still toddlers or in primary schools? How do we justify this? Do we say these aged ones who should probably be mentoring some of the young leaders are all we got in the town?

Lets all be reminded that even the deceased whose stool is to be occupied joined the political class at the age of 34.

Why then is it so difficult for our elders to start looking beyond some of those they suggested? Why is it difficult for us to realize that we need to start grooming our young ones now as these aged ones won’t be there for ever.

If this trend continues, who will lead tomorrow?

Eyin baba wa, some of those you suggested are better off as retired politicians. We need you to help us assure them that they gain more when they mentor the young ones and allow them grow.

Let’s take a cue from the other geopolitical zones; Dapo Lam from Ibadan, Niyi Adeagbo from Oke Ogun, Ogundoyin from Ibarapa, Olamiju Akala from Ogbomoso… These are just very few of the youths from other zones who may likely be jostling for governorship positions in the nearest future. What will your sons and daughters be jostling for?

The truth must be told, sirs and there is no better time than now. Allow the youths in Oyo town to thrive. Push them to play roles, encourage them into leadership positions. Abi are you all happy seeing your brilliant and articulate youths living on stipends and being used as media e-rats and political thugs?

Opo oro mi o k’agbon…

I am Omo-Iya Kunmi, a true son of Oyo town!

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