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AMOTEKUN: The Hunter That Will Soon Be Hunted | Adesina Julius


It is very barbaric and annoying the way the Amotekun officers tend to abuse and misuse the power to secure people vested on them. Their unprofessional activities have been so mind-boggling and very preposterous.

In recent times, without being economical with the truth, men of Amotekun have been projecting the image of the security outfit as that which is created basically to oppress and humiliate people.

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It is disheartening that, these  Amotekun men are terrorising the people of Igbeti community.

Today, the situation in Igbeti community has clearly shown that, if we fail to voice out and call the attention of the government to the abuse of power by these officers of Amotekun, they won’t stop to humiliate and harass the innocent people of Igbeti, because the so-called Amotekun officers have turned themselves to law and continually stepping on the fundamental human rights of the people of Igbeti.

A typical example of the negative impact and unprofessional activities of the Amotekun in Igbeti community is the act of beating people, budging into people house without any permission, likewise telling people the time to get inside, all of which are against the fundamental human rights.

I would have kept sealed lips on it for a fact that I have long been brushing aside the temptation to write for many reasons. In fact, I was even advised by highly respected leaders and colleagues to tarry a while, but I strongly believe the time is now. Because an injury to one is an injury to all, and if we keep mute who knows the next victim.

The Amotekun apparatus just have to be warned very clearly that nobody has monopoly of violence and they must stop harassing the commoners and the innocent people.

The officers of Amotekun should be reminded that they are product of the law, hence it is expected of them to act in strict adherence of the law by protecting people and safeguarding their rights and not to be humiliating, oppressing and harassing them.

At this stage, it is important that the government takes urgent measures to put an end to this abuse and excess of power by this so called Amotekun who are humiliating and harassing people, because if people are pushed to the wall, the hunter will become the hunted and violence may occur and it will put the entire community in a state of unrest.

So, therefore the excess of Amotekun needs to be tamed.

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