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Oyo 2019: Why Joseph Olasunkanmi Tegbe Is Second To None | Jide Adeyemo


That many people hardly prepare for what is now becoming a tsunami of Joseph Tegbe’s entrance into Oyo state politics is very obvious for a new emphasis. What’s however spine chilling is the way he suddenly becomes a household item, no sooner had he made his intention to vie for governorship position in Oyo state a public knowledge. The visceral reaction of some political player is a mixed feelings of surprises and a fillip of hope for having at last the proverbial head that the cap fits.

It’s a natural law that one should not feel secured until he makes a final move. It’s therefore not unexpected for the good people of Oyo state to shout eureka when the game changer in person of Engineer Olasunkanmi Tegbe beckons. He came with a soft mind but a large dream. His quest for social transformation and passion to better the lives of the less fortunate ones is a star that he is wearing on shoulder.

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He is a shoulder higher than the rest, that he has convincingly tested in both knowledge and character. His profile drowns the best on the list before his furtive appearance on the radar. He carries a first class in civil Engineering in one hand, fellowship of the highest honour in accounting on the other and playing with a degree in law with his feet. Where they are holding on to one shining armor, he sets his own medals on a tripod. Knowledge is power, we are all made to believe. But it’s beggared by competence when choosing a leader. It’s also next to character in ranking as CB Okoli has made us realise that “knowledge may be power but does not necessarily ensure good character.”

Interesting enough, he towers above equals in the game not only in academic qualification but also in character and competence. 

Up till this moment, not many people are aware of his foundation which he has used to heal many injured souls in different ways. He offers love where others give money. He knows better that an orphan does not rejoice after a heavy breakfast but after a little show of affection. Where others command, he shows concern. 

Those who were swayed by his elephant stride into politics first made a babyish attempt to stop a raging inferno with the air they blow from their mouth. They came with “Efori “formula that TEGBE is not original omo Ibadan, they forget so soon that Ile laa wo ka to somo loruko, the full time omo tegbe moyeje knocked them off, the rousing welcome and joyous celebration of Tegbe coming into politics by his kinsmen in Jegede compound, Oke Labo Ibadan finally put the blackmailers off ground. Whereas other aspirants prefer to spend millions to get their names popped up in the pages of newspapers, Tegbe has continued to gain entrance to the people’s minds…

Dr Jide Adeyemo writes from Ibadan.

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