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Muyideen Bello: Why Ajimobi Has Continued To Win Political Battles


Ibadan born Islamic cleric, Sheikh Muideen Bello, has said Ajimobi had not disappointed over the course of his seven and a half years of governance while warning all person backbiting to desist.

According to Bello, who spoke yesterday at an event organised by the Oyo state government, held at Remembrance Arcade, Agodi, Ibadan, to celebrate this year’s Maulid Nabiyy (celebration of Holy Prophet Muhammad’s birth), Ajimobi was destined to win a second term in office and continued to conquer his political battles because of his truthfulness, believe in God, good works, courage, adherence to advice, daring and rightful steps.

Bello, who was the guest preacher at the event, questioned whether all who left the party will become governor or influential leaders on their new platforms.

“Ajimobi has not disappointed us. There are those who were with Ajimobi since the inception of his administration, ate and drank with him, accompanied him to Mecca, London and other parts of the world who have now turned their back on him. All those wined and dined in the APC led by President Muhammadu Buhari and forsook Ajimobi will regret their action,” Bello said.

In the middle of his sermon, Bello called out Adelabu to clarify his religious affiliation, with Adelabu informing the predominantly Muslim gathering that he “was born a Muslim and has not converted to another religion till date.”

“Adelabu has confirmed to us that he is a Muslim and this should end the speculation about where he belongs. Let us support him too,” Bello said later.

Belo also called on the people of Oyo State to support Adelabu in order for him to sustain what he called the good works of Ajimobi.

The popular preacher, however, advised the candidate to constantly seek advice from Ajimobi, whose almost eight years experience as a governor, he said, would be an asset to him as his successor.

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