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    Like a leopard that can never change its spot; hooligans raised and nurtured by Oyo state Governor, Seyi Makinde can never give peace a chance – even if they are housed in air-conditioned bus terminals, feeding fat on public funds and exploiting innocent commuters. And irrespective of allegations against them by the opposition or public members, they will always find it almost impossible to deny, dismiss and discard. A group founded on swords shall always be implicated in matters of the sword – like an attack on the APC rally of 4th Oct 2022 where peaceful party members were brutally injured for no other offense than exercising their right to movement and freedom of association. But that’s not where it all started.

    As one of the most sophisticated electorates in the country, concerned minds in Oyo state political circle were at first skeptical about the intention of Governor Seyi Makinde to raise a band of political ruffians. His bromance with those thugs raised eyebrows in the polity and confounded many in politics. Many wondered why the Governor would deliberately reverse the gains of Abiola Ajimobi’s administration in the safety of lives and security of properties. They expressed worries and concerns over what they considered a blatant attempt to drag the state back to the stone age. Such a decision was a no-brainer. It was a no-go area. But here we are discussing how to purge our politics from the influence of ‘agbero’. No thanks to Governor Seyi Makinde and his party whose stock in trade is creating palpable apprehension.

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    Despite winning the 2019 gubernatorial election by a landslide, many found it utterly difficult to place that partnership with men of the underworld in the realm of common sense. For those discerning minds, the rhetorical questions that kept popping up at any slightest chance of conversation around state politics and polity were: What could a quiet, easy-going politician be doing with those dreaded gangs? Since he has won the election by a wide margin, why is he suddenly interested in raising such a deadly group of troublemakers? The answer turned out to seem far more complicated than imagined.

    But as facts continue to emerge with scores of attacks within the Ibadan metropolis and its environs by Park Management System gangs led by the notorious Mukaila Lamidi aka auxiliary – spreading terror and inflicting pain; members of the public began to connect the dangerous dots: the Governor has perfected plans to win his re-election by all means possible including the use of intimidation, sophisticated propaganda, harassment and victimization of opposition members. And as a campaign against his maladministration, misrule, and misappropriation sneaked into the public consciousness, fear and panic spread into his divided group – descending into the public. Sensing his popularity has taken a devastating dip evidenced in the mammoth crowds that greeted the less than a month of pro-APC rallies in the capital city; the Governor has resorted to deploying fear-inducing tactics and strategies to whittle down the growing influence of the opposition in the state: the same opposition his party has been branded a toothless bulldog that can only bark but cannot bite.

    Again, the attack on APC members at the Tinubu/Shettima rally brings to the fore the dangerous dimensions that may greet next year’s election. As events around that poll unfold, members of the public must know who is desperate about winning that election. For Oyo PDP with its dwindling popularity, next year’s election is etched on the rock of desperation. They know the party cannot win in a free, fair, transparent election. Partly because the coalition that teamed up with the party in the last election has frittered. And such are ready to use various unconventional tactics to subvert the wishes of the people. Disturbingly, the party knows lies, propaganda and deceptions may help the last win the election but can’t help run a government or even win the next election. After failing to live up to its propaganda machinery, the administration of Governor Seyi Makinde and his confused party is hell-bent on deploying the state resources to prosecute next year’s election. Additionally, the party and the Governor are battles ready to create an atmosphere of crisis; conflicts, and pandemonium to confuse and distract the unflinching resolve of the masses as the campaigns gather steam. For instance, Governor Makinde is aware of this abysmal performance. He is aware of the various mind-boggling scandals that have rocked his government: inflated contracts, award of contracts for cronies, the beatification of area boys, and in-fighting within the party. Indications show he knows he cannot escape the public’s anger cannot escape the anger of the public come next year. The man is caught in an unending political firestorm.

    That he’s being called “Agba Yahoo: swindler grand master” by frustrated members of the public and politicians alike is no mistake. It was a moniker that speaks to and about his style: one that is reek of corruption and double standard. As the state chief security officer of the state, the security, safety, and protection of the public including members of the opposition must be paramount to him. Otherwise, he should be ready to be held accountable and responsible for whatever happens as the race toward next year gathers momentum.

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