INTERVIEW: Brace FM Not Here To Rival Anyone — Celebrated Sportscaster, Ogunmiloro


    Kenny Ogunmiloro recently celebrated his birthday with a launch of a book and online sport radio station in Ibadan. In this interview with OYOINSIGHT.COM’s Sikiru Akinola, the sportscaster said Brace FM is not out to rival anyone.

    Why did you come with an online radio station at this point in time. Do you think online is here to rival the traditional way it used to be broadcasted?

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    No, I want it to serve as a foundation for the bigger vision I have for the sports casting industry here in Ibadan, Oyo state and Nigeria. I was born in this city and have lived all my life here, I am aware of how much Ibadan and Oyo state people love sports programmes on radio stations and how they follow the programs and OAPs religiously everyday. So I felt we can give them more by having a radio station that will focus on just sports 24/7. We set up this all-sports online radio station to prepare ourselves for the challenges ahead. So basically, this station has been set up to give our people more time to listen to quality sports shows every single minute of the day

    We are not here to rival anyone, radio broadcast these days no matter where it’s being done has gone beyond or should go beyond rivalry. We are all solution providers to the audience that wants to seek information and be enlightened, one of the ways we can achieve this is to see all of us as one big body that should not disappoint the audience

    To manage an online may, apart from time consuming and energy sapping, be money guzzling. How do you hope to fund it?

    This was one of the things I discussed with my team immediately we were done with the launching and I am happy that all my team members shared this same vision with me on this project.

    We have our plans and how to go about it, by the grace of God, we shall be adequentky funded personally, collectively and through our fans and corporate organizations.

    You are known for paving the way for upcoming sports OAPs. In fact, your boss, Yinka Ayefele, trusts your recommendations as to who to ‘sign’. What do you have to say to this?

    Well, someone gave me a chance when I started this job and it’s just natural for me to do the same for any aspiring sports OAP. It doesn’t take so long to know a fantastic OAP, the first 5-10minutes of your show is enough to know your strengths and weaknesses, so what I do is that I listen and monitor the radio stations. Once I listen to anyone that can fill any space adequately at Fresh FM, I would start listening to the person and follow his shows to know how consistent he/she is in the delivery of topnotch radio content.

    Another thing I always do is to look at the character of the OAP. I would ask some of his/her colleagues about the OAP. Sometimes in this industry, you need more than a talent to go far, your character can make/mar your progress. The moment I start getting negative comments, it might be the end of my interest in the person because nobody wants to work with anybody with negative vibes

    It’s a system that has worked for me with no regret till today, I applied the same system in the way I got the guys we are working together now on Brace FM

    Brace FM in 5 years. Where do you see it?

    We want to build the most trusted source of all news in the world of sports, we also want to move from online to terrestrial in the next years as well by His grace.

    Brace Radio will be the place to listen to everyday when you want to listen to sports show on the radio

    Is the coming of Brace FM signaling your exit from radio sports?

    No, it can’t happen for now, and even in years to come all things being equal.

    The great Larry Izamoje has his shows on Brilla FM despite all the wonderful guys working for him and I see myself doing the same thing as well.

    I may not be coming on air everyday again but I am sure I will still have some days in the week to present my shows.

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