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How BCOS TV Programme Saved Housewife From Committing Suicide


The potential of the media to make positive impact in society was again brought to the fore as a married woman who had determined to put an end to her own life took to Social Media to share how a live television programme  turned her back from a journey of no return.

It was the aftermath of this morning’s edition of BCOS weekend television show, Saturday Special where the topic, Why Do Men Cheat? was treated with two Counselling Professionals, Mrs Adetutu Oshofowora and Dr Oyekola Oyelade as guests.

One wonders which aspect of the programme touched the heart of a viewer who was following the transmission on the Facebook handle of the station told of  her earlier resolve to terminate her own life consequent upon her marital experience.

To quote the affected woman, “In fact I’m touched for the programme I heard today, I decided yesternight to commit sucide as a result of what am seeing from my husband. Now, I heard this program, I can see that I have a life”.

This impact and feedback further underscores  the role and responsibility  media practitioners are saddled with, to give hope to the hopeless and as well proffer solutions to  national difficulties.

The revelation further confirmed the leading role the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State, BCOS is playing through its in-depth, quality and audience focussed programming which has continued to distinguished it among its contemporaries in both radio and television broadcasting.

Both guests in their submissions noted that while society, culture, tradition make it pardonable for men to cheat, the decision to do so boils down to a lack of discipline and misplaced values in not only the menfolk, but also their women counterparts. They further gave tips on how to cope with a cheating partner.

Today’s programme was the concluding episode of the topic, WHY DO MEN CHEAT? which commenced last weekend.

Saturday Special comes up every Saturday from 7am to 9am on the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State and can be viewed on Startimes Channel 113, GoTV Channel 105 or www.bcos.tv.

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