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EXPLAINER: What Makinde Should Have Done With 25.5bn


Since the publication of our editorial that shed light on why the white elephant projects of the Seyi Makinde led administration won’t solve the moribund economic problems of Oyo State, various Pro-Makinde individuals and groups have, in a bid to deviate from the very important issue at hand, raised arguments that are not at  variance with the subject matter.

Even though it is paramount to note that the current economic status of the state means the government must embark on projects only because they are of importance to the society and also have the prospect to generate tangible revenue to the state on the short and long run, the argument by many is that the projects highlighted in the editorial will benefit the people directly. This explainer is a subtle attempt to weaken this argument.

For all OYOINSIGHT.COM knows, the construction of four terminals through bonds when a public private patnership could have been applied can’t provide residents of a state like Oyo with maximum utility when the infrastructural deficit and overpopulation of government-owned schools have either thrown many out of the four walls of the classroom or make them entirely disinterested in schooling, leaving the state with one of the highest rates of out-of-school children in the country.

Of course, the question with building new schools is that where will the funds to pay salaries and make them sustainable come from, but in a situation whereby the basis of the argument is purely for societal benefit, the construction of 100 secondary schools  at N100 million each and 100 primary schools at N50 million each would be better off than spending this same money on the construction of three out of the four proposed terminals when PPP would have made them more effective.

That the health sector of Oyo State is not strong enough to accommodate the health challenges of residents is a fact not up for debate. Building five general hospitals at a billion naira each will not only make the sector stronger and viable but also reposition the state to become a potential destination for medical tourism in the country and beyond.

And there is the argument about the ongoing remodeling of Lekan Salami stadium. For all we know, the government is yet to table any blueprint about how it plans to make the facility generate back that huge amount of money after its remodeling or even make its operations sustainable. But if this administration is serious about transforming the economy of the state through the sporting sector, then the amount allocated for the remodelling project at Adamasigba is enough to construct two mini sport complexes each across the 33 local governments in the state at N75 million each.

This will, if well planned and executed, not only attract investors and create employment opportunities but also make the state a potential destination of the building of sporting talents in Africa.

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