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Between Lagos And Oyo BRT Buses | Ogunmiloro Kenny Samson


Lagos State bought BRT buses for two billion Naira, Seyi Makinde wants to buy the same buses at eight billion Naira and people are saying it is a reckless spending

Did we try to find out when Lagos bought their own BRT buses and compare the price then to what it is now? Did we bother to find out the model of the BRT in Lagos and the ones Makinde wants to bring to Oyo state before we begin to criticize him?

The Mokola flyover bridge was completed under the administration of Late Abiola Ajimobi at the double cost of what Ogun state govt paid the same company that handled the projects, Is anyone talking about the cost again? Is the bridge not serving a good purpose for us now?

Just four years ago, a bag of rice was below N12,000. The same bag of rice is now N35,000. Who is complaining about that? Are we not buying even with a forced smiles on our faces?

Yes, I agree that Seyi Makinde has been spending money everywhere these days to the extent that I began to ask myself that WAS IT THAT PAST ADMINISTRATIONS DIDN’T MAKE US KNOW THAT OYO STATE IS THIS FINANCIALLY BUOYANT BUT ONLY PAINTED A PICTURE OF A BROKE OYO STATE TO US? HOW COME OYO STATE IS RICH ALL OF A SUDDEN? Is Oyo state living largely on borrowed loans? Sincerely I am surprised to hear projects running into billions being executed in Oyo state now

Meanwhile in all of these, Seyi’s “reckless spendings”, he has not stopped paying salaries on the 25th. He’s settling the pensioners, nobody seems to complain of a total neglect (I stand to be corrected on this)

Is it not better to have a governor that is ready to spend lavishly on big projects than to have a governor that prefers to store up state resources without any meaningful project in the state?

Lest we forget there was a reason why Otunba Alao Akala was nicknamed ATM when he was the governor of this state. Seyi Makinde could be another ATM for Oyo state.

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