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Nigeria Has Huge Potential | Muftau Open Salawu


Nigerians should be aware that government cannot provide job for all the applicants in the country, as of today the number of federal civil servants are not more than 1.2 million out of the over 200 million population of the country.

I understand a lot of youths want government job because of job security and every youth also want to be happy, comfortable and be rich but the truth is that it is very difficult to realize that without compromising with the rules of engagement in civil service. More so what government pays as wages can’t make you become a millionaire.

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The government needs to create enabling environment for private sector to thrive and employ more citizens. You can imagine if we have the likes of Dangote in the 36 states that can employ 200, 000 people in each state that means we will have 7.2 million employed, that would have taken care of huge unemployment gap in the country.

Our wealth is our population and the youths are about 60 per cent of the population and the earlier we unlock the potential in youth entrepreneurship the better for the country. Let us start with proper orientation and I disagree with those that said reorientation. Most people don’t even have ideas of what to do with their life as it is now and that is why you see a graduate of mechanical engineering taking his car to a roadside mechanic for service. We all need money but sincerely those that are richer all over the world are people with ideas. We have a lot of potentials in Nigeria; we just need the right environment to succeed. God bless Nigeria.

Engr. Muftau Open Salawu.
Waziri jari Nupe.
Saraki Adini of Ogbomosho

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