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    Let me state it here clearly that I am not an official member of any party, even though my sentiments are with the Peoples Democratic Party, both in Oyo and the National Level. However, as a Philosopher by training and critical person by nature, I do not take things on the surface value or because someone somewhere I or ‘we’ call leader says so. To this end, I wish to state that this piece is based on critical evaluation of the major candidates to represent me and other good people of Oyo Central Senatorial District, their antecedents, prospect and the needs of Oyo Central for good representation.

    In doing this, my observation is that the three major candidates are of three different times in the political, developmental, and historical trajectory of the Oyo Central.

    One is of the Past, that has no business running for this office, or even any other
    simply because he has being contesting for it severally but lost at all attempt, and when he was eventually given an appointment, which he ought to use to showcase his worth, he failed woefully. The other is of the future: one who still has to learn the dynamics of politics and the art of delivering good governance; this is because, good intentions alone cannot bring about good result in Nigerin politics. One with intentions and plans also have to understand the means of seeing to the executionof the good intentions.

    Of them all, Yunus Akintunde, PhD is simply the candidate of the present. I know you will ask me why he is, just follow me and I will succinctly explain what I mean and the reason why we need to get him to that office, irrespective of our political affiliation for him to do nothing but serve us in Oyo Central.

    Akintunde understand the Past of the Oyo Central very well, both politically and otherwise. The simple truth is that if anyone will represent us very well, the person must understand the complexity of Oyo Central both from within and on the outside, as this will help to deliver good representation. As a former commissioner in Oyo state and someone who has being using his goodwill to attract good developmental projects to the Senatorial District, shows that he understands the past of his people and how to meet their current yearnings. In other words, it’s not a time to elect those that comes once every 4 years to toast us. Simply put, he understand where we are coming from, with the knowledge of our present need and foresight for the future.

    Further more, we must consider capacity and having the political intrigues to attract developmental project and policies. The politics of the National Assembly is such that involves high level of lobbying and politics. In other words, beyond good intention to do well for your people as a Senator, the question is, do you have the ‘technical know how’ of politics, politicking and lobbying to do so. This is another advantage of electing Dr. Akintunde next year. I will establish this simply by stating that, if an ordinary member of a community can use his goodwill for his people to attract the rebuilt of Primary Health Care by the Federal Government and the facilitation of other several infrastructural development at the Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo and others, I can’t but leave you to imagine what he can do and the length he will go as the Senator representing the whole of Oyo Central Senatorial District in 10th Assembly.

    Also, if we are to consider the academic and administrative management capacity of Dr Yunus, you will agree with me that he is ready for the future developmental yearnings of the Senatorial District. As someone who holds a PhD in Energy, you will know that he will be of great benefit to us if he can both legislate about the current epileptic power supply in Nigeria as a whole, consider removing power production, transmission and supply from the exclusive list to either the residual or concurrent list; and also help in ensuring power production, transmission and supply in Oyo Central Senatorial District, a move which will ensure the generation of thousands of jobs directly and indirectly and help combat the menace of unemployment.

    Summarily, Oyo Central Senatorial District no doubt is so much way behind in recent times when we talk about representation at the National Assembly and the attraction of Federal government towards the developmental challenges of the district. For instance, look at the Oyo – Ogbomosho Road, I believe and you will agree with me that with the full fledged representation that Dr Akintunde will bring forth as a Senator, Oyo Central Senatorial District will never remain the same.

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    Kolade Ayobami Writes from Ile Ladindin, Idi Ope, Oyo.

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