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Why They Call Me ‘Buje Budanu’— Alao-Akala


Former governor and candidate of the Action Democratic Party, ADP, Otunba Adebayo Alao-Akala, has explained why people call him ‘buje budanu’ (generous person). 

Alao-Akala, who spoke on Crossfire, a weekly political programme anchored by Mayor Isaac Brown on Fresh 105.9 FM, disclosed that “What I did that made people gave me that sobriquet was that I made money available to the people by awarding contracts to the grassroots, if there’s a construction in Saki, I contract it to people at Saki, I don’t spray money across the streets, but you don’t have to see me before you get money because the money flows within the state.”

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According to the Ogbomoso-born politician, “The excuse that they give contracts to companies outside Nigeria because of standard is a fallacy, I know Oyo State very well, we have good and reputable companies that will produce standard output.”

He also bared his mind on the Obaship tussle, noting that “What we are going to do is promote our culture, our tradition. I cannot reform our culture, it’s our tradition, why has the Queen of England not changed the system? Because it’s their culture, it’s not the business of government to change tradition or culture.

“I will run a listening government. When I was in government, I used the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State, BCOS, to get in touch with the people, you get feedback and know what’s going on.”

“In my first 100 Days in office, I will make sure that I put smile on the face of the people of Oyo State by reviving the economy.

“I will make sure I severe the ownership of LAUTECH for Oyo State. Experience they say is the best teacher, and you can’t read them in textbooks. I am telling you authoritatively that I know how to get the funds for tertiary institution flowing.

“I will make sure that with any money available, I will pay the owed salaries and pensions so that they will be happy with me. This is because these workers are the tools you will use to get the system working, so they need to be motivated. I will scrap all these small small levies, I enjoyed free primary education,” he added.

He, however, said “I did not leave N110 bllion naira in Oyo coffers, I left N10 billion when I exited. When I left, I did not owe any bank a dime, any bank that I owe money should come out. Secondly, I will publish our handover note which myself and the current government signed in one of the national dailies soonest, you know documents can’t lie.”

Expressing confidence in the ability of his deputy, Alao-Akala said he listed to the deputy governorship debate. “I listened to it and about the positive reports, that was why I chose him, I know he is capable, we are in government together.”

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