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Why I Worked Hard For A First Class At UI, Law School — Longe


Jesudunmo Longe, a first-class graduate of the Faculty of Law, University of Ibadan and the Nigerian Law School, has revealed that she made a first-class to repay her parents’ love.

Longe, who was the best graduating student from the Department of Private and Property Law, University of Ibadan, having scored 6.20 CGPA, revealed this in an interview with PUNCH.

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When asked what inspired her plan to work towards graduating with a first – class degree, she said,”I didn’t exactly plan to graduate with a first – class degree. I could say I stumbled into it. My elder sister, Jesuferanmi , who was a senior in my faculty , saw some of my 100 level first semester results and told me that I could graduate with a first – class degree if I sustained that performance
“After that , I became conscious of it, and I also felt if I could graduate with a first – class degree without necessarily working towards it, I could as well keep up with whatever I did because it was apparently working.

“At the Law School , however , I was more intentional . I worked super hard and I ’ m , however , grateful that things worked out for me. Overall , I would give the credit to Jesus Christ and of course my mum’ s prayers, my dad ’ s love and the support of my siblings and my inner circle (of friends ).”
Longe, who was as an event planner and MC while in school, also noted that she had varied interests and hobbies while growing up but Law attracted her because of its appeal and restricted access.

“I had varied interests and hobbies while growing up but law always had its appeal , and the restricted access the profession has was a factor; it’ s either you are a lawyer or you are not . You can ’ t just wake up and buy yourself a wig and gown, but vocations like writing , acting or any of the other activities I was passionate about , you could do them side by side with being a lawyer .
” Also , my dad , whom I adore so much , is a lawyer , among the many other things he does too . That might have had some influence on me, no matter how little . My elder sister is also a lawyer. That could have also played a role , but no one forced us into it.

“I said that because my younger sisters are studying law too ( laughs ) . Definitely , there is something calling us that we are responding to . Besides , the prestige , presumed intelligence, exposure, research needed to get things done per time and the ability to turn people’ s situation around on account of representing their interest or rendering some help make the profession exciting and fulfilling .

“I cannot overemphasise the importance of a support system . I also have to give some credit to my teachers at Saint Catherine ’ s College . They were instrumental to my university preparedness . They set a standard that did not allow my first year to be tedious ; there were no academic surprises or shocks.”

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