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Why I Can Still Win Grammy — Ogbomosho-born Musician, 9ice


Ogbomosho-born musician, Abolore Adigun, has explained that he can still win the highly coveted Grammy award.

9ice, as he is fondly called, made the explanation during an interview with Sunday Scoop.

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He also revealed that contrary to popular opinion, he never promised fans to win a Grammy award for them noting that he promised himself.

“People are getting it wrong. I didn’t promise anyone a Grammy award; I promised myself. I promised myself a lot of things. I promised myself a Music of Black Origin award and I got it. I promised myself to be one of the most reckoned with artistes and I’ve achieved that.

“The Grammy award has been one of my targets as well. There is a Yoruba adage that says, ‘Ba o ku, ise o tan’ which literally means, ‘If there is life, anything can still happen’. I’m still doing music and who says I cannot get it (Grammy award) tomorrow? I still have that belief and I know God will do it for me,” 9ice said.

Speaking on the rumours that he had relocated to the United States of America and was working as a security guard, the Street Credibility singer said, “My strategy has always been to make myself scarce. I have always been doing that and it has been working for me. One can’t be in the faces of the same people, performing at the same venues for more than 10 years and not become boring. One might be able to pull it off if one is a building contractor or businessman, but as an artiste, it would be boring.

“I have performed several times at the biggest event venues in Lagos State and danced the same way. Even the fans would get tired. Once it is announced that 9ice is coming on stage, they wouldn’t be excited because they can predict the songs I would perform and my dance style. But when one makes oneself scarce; although fans would still know the likely songs one would perform, they would also be anticipating the new ones one just released. They would want to know what the artiste has been up. So, it is a strategy and it works.”

On what informed his decision to get married to his wife, 9ice said, “I think I am a student of the industry because I’ve learnt a lot in the industry. The person I got married to has been there (in my life) for the past nine years; we have a five-year-old daughter together. I have learnt not to rush into anything. I always take my time. It is even more challenging for a public figure. People learn from what one does. Just like in legal parlance where the words ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ are used, one must know beyond reasonable doubt that one is getting married to the right person. I think I got married to my friend because we have been together for some time and fought some battles together.”

Speaking on his relationship with his children, the Alapomeji Ancestral Records boss said, “Zion is in America, Maya and Michelle are in Nigeria with me. Most festive periods, such as December, when Zion is around (in Nigeria) or at other times when Michelle is on holiday in America, they get together, even when I’m not there. There is unity among us. And if they are here in Nigeria, they come to their dad to celebrate with me.”

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