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UI PG Students Create Mini Hub For Researchers, Academics To Learn


The ravaging scourge and pandemic, Coronavirus, with its acronym, Covid-19 has captured the world and left many countries changing its structures and activities.

As a measure to tackle the lockdown measures put in place by many head officials, three post graduate students of the university came together to create a small hub for the teaching and learning of English Language.

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For these ones, the utmost importance of establishing this virtual community is basically to bring in scholars, experts (of English in various departments) and learners together for the purpose of learning. For the initiator, Ikeoluwapo B. Baruwa, “the coalescence of ivory tower and outside world would adequately aid and sharpen the thoughts of teachers, especially in the classroom setting and in their articulation of words and tenses in various write-ups.”

Presently, English Language Hub has mathematicians, scientists, speakers and other distinguished members from various faculties and ministries. The idea of using ‘hub’ originated from the basis of seeing the platform as central and most important learning space where discussions regarding English Language could be shared. Instead of using ‘forum’, ‘hub’ came as a pivotal replacement.

Though the platform kicked off 10th of Jan, 2020, it gained its momentum recently, as a means to keeping these researchers and academics busy and more informed. Further, the platform is yet limited to WhatsApp, but the organiser (Ikeoluwapo B. Baruwa) and administrators (Oluwadamilare Peter Jegede and Oluwatosin Aluko) are interested in taking the platform a bit higher.

I. Ikeoluwapo B. Baruwa is a young researcher; an aspiring PhD candidate with interest in Language, Ethics, Diversity, Literacy, Epistemology, and strong background in Adult Education as well as Philosophy of Education. He has authored and coauthored papers with senior colleagues in and outside his field, coupled with in-progress articles. Ikeoluwapo was actively involved as one of the scientific members for the recently concluded Alexander Von Humboldt Conference, held at the University of Ibadan, between 11th and 14th February, 2020.

II. Oluwadamilare P. JEGEDE is an E-learning Developer with a history of working in the e-learning industry. Skilled in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Instructional Design, Technical assistance and the like. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

III. Oluwatosin Aluko is a budding scholar who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and a Master’s Degree in Philosophy of Education from the University of Ibadan, with interest in Identity Education. Also, he has a number of journal articles to his name and he has participated in some social responsibility/community development projects

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