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Akinfenwa Warns FG Against Taking People’s Silence For Granted


The Diocesan, Diocese of Ibadan, Anglican Communion, Most Reverend Joseph Akinfenwa has warned the Federal Government not to take the continued silence of the people over the worsening situation in the country for granted, saying such may be a sign of worse thing to come.

The cleric who traced the history of a similar situation to Ghana noted that the revolution that it led to is also what is required in Nigeria if the country must come alive again.

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Bishop Akinfenwa spoke during a sermon at The Cathedral of St. James The Great, Oke-Bola, Ibadan during a special service to commemorate the beginning of the church.

He was outspoken in condemning the various injustices and inequality across the land and the “uncaring way with which the case of security is being handled by the security agencies, which has led to increasing loss of lives across various parts of the country.”

He said it is time for the government to begin to make amends by going from mere talking to acting so that the people would have good reason to believe in their government again.

He also lamented the situation where other religions are giving priority at the expense of Christianity that has contributed so much to the development of the country, pointing out the efforts of the early missionaries who facilitated education and healthcare that has led to the present level of development across the country.

He said, “Look at the joblessness in the society, I pity our youths. Some of them had to go and be doing somethings they will not do ordinarily even with higher qualifications. Ordinary salaries are not forthcoming, what is our offence as citizens in this country?

“But, they (the government) should take note; it has happened in other countries, it resulted into revolution. Let’s go back into history and see what happened in Ghana. The cleansing that happened in Ghana we need such cleansing in Nigeria and that is the solution. Let there be cleansing so that this Nigeria will come alive better.

“What we are saying on this day of Pentecost is that it is time for the government to begin to make amends, cheating and marginalization is getting too much in this country. Wickedness is on the increase, people are dying, there is hunger in the land and the youths have no job to do, what is the government doing about it? We keep hearing of huge sum of money but it is not going down nor getting to the people. We need to know what government is doing about it, what is happening in the land is more than what happened in some other places that led to a crisis.

“Let us remember what happened in Ghana when the people got tired, there was a revolution and they took the bull by the horn but we are praying and still praying so that God will touch the heart of our leaders and for them to do the needful.

“When a government suddenly begins to show bias, it calls for suspicion. Bias in the sense that what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. It is such that, we expect that you treat all the religions, if not equally but identify with them and that was the reason I discussed the issues of school auditing forms going around that even Christianity is not among the schools.

“Christian schools are not included and what has the Christian schools done wrong. If you go through history well, you will see that most of the things that we are enjoying today are by the grace of God and through Christian organisations and missionaries who came with hospitals, schools and this is what we are relishing in today and so why must you relegate that institution as if it is not there.

“We are not asking that we are placed highest but at least we are asking that we be given our due recognition and to show that we appreciate all that this great institution has done in the development of our nation, it boils down into politics.

“Look at the nation today, there is no balance there and when we come to look at the way the citizenry are being treated, people are suffering, people are dying daily. Within the last three years, calculate the number of souls that have been lost in this country whether through kidnapping, insurgency, persecution or whatever, it is saddening, we are moving down faster than we think and this is why we must hold the ears of our leaders to warn them to arrest the situation today.

“That the citizenry are not talking but keeping quiet is dangerous, because things like this have happened before in other countries and it only resulted in revolution. So, we must arise. Look at the issue of Leah Sheribu that is still in captive, nobody is saying anything about it again. It is a shame. The situation is getting worse and worsening every day.”

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