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ToppyK International Organises Asa Day In US


In order to continue to propagate the cultural values abroad, ToppyK International would be organizing an Asa Day in United States of America.

Billed for Sacred Heart Church, 537 Grove Street, Irvington, U.S on Friday 17 July 2020, there would be exposition as well as an award ceremony.

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A statement by its Chief Executive Officer, Alhaja Kudirat Temitope (Queen of New Jersey), stated that “the event is going to be loud. Let’s showcase our talents and the beauty of our cultural heritage. All tribes are invited. Let’s come together as one and show the world how great we are.”

“ToppyK International is an international organization that is registered in United states that deals basically with fashion and entertainment promotion for less than a decade.

Asa day programme is all about the exhibition of the values of the cultural heritage of Africa, dealing with Nigeria as a prominent and influential country in the continent.”

She added that the Asa Day programme is aimed at bringing together all the major tribes in Nigeria, Yoruba, Hausa and Ibo and exploring our cultural backgrounds in music, dance and dressing outfits, etc

“It is to further achieve the unification of Africans in the United states, Nigerians in particular, and by extension translate these to further enhancements of the potential of individuals to better the lots of our present abode, the United states and by extension on home countries,” she added.

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