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Ten Qualities Of An Effective Press Secretary | Ayinde Jamiu Kunle


A Press Secretary is someone who works for an organization and makes statements to the press or answer questions for that organization. The task of a press secretary is sacrosanct in every organization, he or she is the image maker of the organization. Every government, organization, association or society is seen from the lens of the press secretary. 

This article examines the ten qualities that every press secretary must have.

Press Release/ News Writing: One of the primary duties of a press secretary is to write a press release. A press release can be a product advert, report of an event or a description of the organization. An efficient press secretary should understand and be capable of writing a press release. 

Social Media Skills: The world is a global village and social media appears to be the name of the village. Every press secretary must understand how social media works. As a press secretary, you must have an understanding of the common social media tools and upcoming tools. This will aid your capacity to deliver. 

Content Management System: A 21st-century press secretary must have the capacity to manage the company website. It is not compulsory that he or she should be tech savvy. The knowledge of putting and removing content from the website should not evade a 21st-century press secretary. 

Text Editing: As the image maker of an organization, the press secretary must ensure every word going out of the company is in order. The knowledge of editing would make a press secretary confidence of error-free publications. 

Leadership Skills: It is expected that the image maker of a company will be part of the executives or high ranking personnel. The press secretary must have leadership skills, this will be displayed in relating with other staff on the field or members of the fourth estate of the realm during the company or organization event. 

Creating Policies through Media: A press secretary must understand how to create policies through the media. The company or government would meet and discourse their agenda, it is the responsibility of a press secretary to sell it to the world. 

Programme/Meeting Anchor: A press secretary should have knowledge of anchoring programme or meetings. The capacity to take charge and coordinate a programme or meeting should not evade a good press secretary. 

Defending Scandals: No one prays for negative things, however, they do happen. A good press secretary should understand how to clear scandals against his or her institution.   

Handling Camera: A good press secretary must know how to capture a good image of any event. The press secretary must know the conditions guiding good pictures for a story. 

Information Management: As a press secretary, you will have access to loads of information. It is sacrosanct to have the capacity to manage and sieve information for public use. 

A press secretary must not necessarily be doing all these for the company or organization he or she works for but must understand the science and logic behind all and be able to supervise it.

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