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#TajuGoesToSchool: Don Jazzy, Others Volunteer To Send Ibadan 5-Year-Old Boy To School

From the left; Taju’s Dad, Taju’s Mom elder sis, Funmiawelewa, Elamefa, Tola Olajiire, Taju’s Granma and Bolarinwa Olamide. – #regrann

#TajuGoesToSchool has become a trend after a 5 year old Taju was seen unable to speak English.

Mavin Records CEO, Don Jazzy has promised to sponsor Taju, the young boy from Ibadan whose video has been trending on Instagram, to school.

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In the early hours of the day, Ayo Makun, the famous comedian, posted a video of a young and smart boy from Ibadan named Taju. The video was posted with a caption in which AY solicited for help for Taju, stating that Taju needs to go to school. 


The caption read;

Some hours  after the initial post, AY did a follow-up post, announcing that Don Jazzy reached out to him, promising to sponsor the course to send Taju to school with N500, 000. In the post, AY appreciated the efforts of Adeniyi Johnson, Funmi Awelewa and Tayo Sobola who shared the video to his notice. He also asked other well meaning Nigerians to support the course, naming Falz, Mo Abudu, Kehinde Bankole and the head of SMADE Events. He stated that their involvement would help the course great.

Confirming that Taju has been found and is on his way to Lagos, another celebrity comedian, actor and producer, AY, said Taju is already on his way to Lagos.

“A very big thank you to @funmiawelewa who visited Taju and his family for our common interest of making sure he goes to school,” he posted.


From the left; Taju’s Dad, Taju’s Mom elder sis, Funmiawelewa, Elamefa, Tola Olajiire, Taju’s Granma and Bolarinwa Olamide. – #regrann

We also want to say a big thank you to everyone that is willing to donate to his education and wellbeing. Taju is on his way to Lagos with @funmiawelewa and his grandmother. We are in the process of opening a project account that will be temporarily supervised by @moabudu Ebonylife HR Department and Corporate World Entertainment Limited. Further operations will be channelled through a well defined educational/insurance package in favour of Taju. Stay blessed.”

And reposting Awelewa’s post on Instagram, AY tagged other celebrities like Don Jazzy, FalzTheBadGuy and Mo Abudu in the drive to get Taju to school.

But sharing the latest development, actor Adeniyi Johnson thanked Awelewa and made it known that an account would be opened on behalf of Taju where funds for his education pay be paid into and the details will be shared by all the celebrities involved. He also warned that nobody should pay into any of the actor’s account.

“@funmiawelewa May you find help too, @aycomedian @donjazzy @moabudu @iambimbothomas,” he posted on Instagram.

God alone can reward all efforts… as I wrote up there ?? pls don’t pay into any other persons account other than the official account posted by names above… we didn’t do itf or the gram neither did we do it for attention but to influence life an innocent life positively. Thank you all… God bless”

In the circulated video, an unidentified person was heard cursing Taju in Yoruba because he could not answer beyond What is your name’ in English. Still responding ‘Taju’ to the question of his age, the little boy exhbited the willingness to learn as he asked another unidentified person how to respond to the other questions. At the end of the short clip, Taju also revealed that he doesn’t go to school.

The video which showed his confidence was shared by Alibaba on Instagram which he accompanied with a post: “This my dear friends, is where the problems of our education starts from. This baby, exuding such confidence and great spirit… and visible sense of humour has no education. You can see that he wants to learn with that question. “KINI OO SO?” What should my response be? And this is what happens when children who can not read and write, get pushed to school at age 6.

“They then get into the hands of teachers like the person who was recording the video. Who, instead of teaching the child what to say, calls him Oloribu. The child hears that, then realises he should have said something else, and asks what he should have said. Trust me, at this age, the currency of education should be engraved in that little boy, and that my dear friends, is what then him hungry for knowledge.

”Help me find this boy. And he will amaze you in 1 year. #OperationFindTaju.”

AY had also pledged to help should Taju be found.

“If you get Taju’s details please share with me,” AY had posted on social media.

“Let’s send him to school to let our interviewer in the video know that the smart kid is willing to learn.”


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