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RIGHT OF REPLY: Between Seyi Makinde and Bayo Adelabu | Abiola Iyiola


Dotun Oyelade would have failed woefully in the job of commercial publicity he was contracted to do to paint Seyi Makinde in colours of petty encomiums if this hogwash of callous comparison did not emanate from the spent horse. The only meaning one can read to Dotun Oyelade’s comparison to malign Bayo Adelabu against his infantile paymaster, Seyi Makinde, is that of a conscience bought to conjure something negative to pin on the cerebral Adelabu when nothing negative was found to rubbish Bayo Adelabu. Only a mind moulded with mischief would fashion such puerile allegation of arrogance against Bayo Adelabu for doing what seeking political office requires to sell himself.

On the contrary, instances abound that confirm Seyi Makinde as belonging to an arrogant breed. Was Dotun Oyelade dozing when Seyi Makinde boasted that he is paying 1.2billion naira as tax annually to the coffers of the federal government at Splash/Lagelu FM Debate? It’s a story for another day to question what kind of business Seyi Makinde does and how much he makes for him to have been paying such humongous amount as tax. How then is it a display of arrogance for Bayo Adelabu to chronicle his meritorious credentials, his business acumen and astounding successes in his private and public engagements? This is just by the way.

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Seyi Makinde was once an ally of Senator Abiola Ajimobi when they were both in the defunct ANPP where Seyi, a political upstart, contested for a senatorial seat in Oyo South but lost. Seyi later left the party for PDP because he was too arrogant to bow to the elderly and obviously superior opinions of Abiola Ajimobi.

While at the PDP,  Seyi Makinde believed his wealth would buy him the political leadership and governorship slot of the party as he sweated it out with the party heavyweights like Alao-Akala, Teslim Folarin, Taofeek Arapaja and others to clinch the party leadership and governorship ticket. PDP in Oyo state came to temporary ruins because of that needless imbroglio fuelled by Seyi’s arrogance! He ran to a leaderless SDP where he eventually contested for governorship seat in 2015 and lost! He returned to the PDP after 2015 election and he courted Rasheed Ladoja who was in Accord Party then. Seyi’s arrogance could not allow him to recognise Ladoja as the leader of the party as they both began a strenuous fight for the soul of the recovering party. Ladoja also left the PDP for Seyi Makinde when he realized that Seyi’s wealth would not allow him to respect any leadership as he believes since he was going to pay the piper, he was entitled to dictate the tune. Elder Wole Oyelese, a former Minister and veteran politician, will have confirmable stories to tell about Seyi’s seething arrogance!

Seyi Makinde’s constant attacks on godfatherism are not for altruism sake. His knack for arrogance is couched in his pretentiously fervent attacks on godfatherism. He’s an aspiring godfather who does not want to be godfathered by any political leader!

In his professional and political life, Bayo Adelabu has eminent people he defers to without unnecessarily demeaning his own impeccable status. He is a product of outstanding mentoring! Who are Seyi’s mentors? Who does Seyi defer to?

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