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Reveal Identity Of Police Inspector Who Made Shodipe Escape — Group Challenges Oyo Police


A group, Better Oyo Now, has challenged the Police command in Oyo State to reveal the identity of the Police Inspector who made Sunday Shodipe escape from lawful custody.

OYOINSIGHT.COM had earlier reported that an Inspector of Police was responsible for the escape of Shodipe, the prime suspect in the serial killing of over 7 residents of Akinyele local government area of Oyo State

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In a press statement made available to newsmen of Friday, the group expressed its dissatisfaction at way the police force in the state is handling the case.

The statement read: “The recent escape of a notorious serial killer Sunday Shodipe from police custody in Oyo State has left many Nigerians in shock and bewilderment especially inhabitants of Akinyele Local Government Area of Oyo State who have returned to living in palpable fear. They had breathed sighs of relief when the suspected serial killer was arrested and handed over to the Police.

“This is more shocking considering the recent efforts aimed at rebranding and reorientation of Officers and Men of the Nigerian Police.

“While Nigerians are still battling with the excesses of policemen resulting in shooting and sometimes death of innocent citizens and the gun-totting extortionist officers at illegal road blocks, we are faced with a notorious serial murderer that was apprehended by the Vigilante being returned back into the society by the police. So saddening is the fact that a similar murder occurred in the same place within days of the criminal.

“The killer had so much impetus that he was sighted in the market after he was released by the police. Of course he would feel invincible.

“It is however frightening that the police never raised any dust or made any statement about the escape but only declare Shodipe wanted until the people demonstrated. The implication is that if the people had kept quiet and Shodipe did not return to Akinyele, such a high profile killer would have gone free unnoticed.

“The story that a police Inspector had taken the suspect out in the night to take his bath after which he escaped is not only ridiculous but obnoxious.

“Telling us that the erring officer has gone through Orderly Room trial, the details of which is not available to the public, coupled with the police shielding the identity of the police inspector is not a good sign that justice will be done.

“We the people are dissatisfied with the orderly room trial whose highest punishment is sacking the Inspector. He should be taken to an open court. Past experiences have not helped the situation.

“The identity of the officer who let Shodipe loose should be made public. America did not hide the identity of the officer who killed George Floyd.

“The commissioner of police should be invited to the Oyo State House of Assembly to explain why the people should continue to trust the police in a situation like this.

“The protocols for keeping such high profile suspects should be queried. For a case of serial murder, shouldn’t the suspect have been detained in solitary confinement in the prison
pending the conclusion of investigation?

“The Oyo State CP should explain if suspects in police detention especially on a murder charge are permitted to take their bath more so at night with their handcuffs removed?

“The police should also tell the public if the officer was not armed while leading the suspect to take his bath and why he did not raise alarm when the suspect took off.

“The public also needs to know who paid the officer to effect the release of Sunday Shodipe. The police should be compelled to disclose the people who conspired with the officer to effect the unlawful release of the suspect.”

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