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Plight Of Casual Workers And The Need For Government Intervention | Ajani Kayode



From experience, it has been proved that no organisation can function effectively without human beings. Machines, and robotic accessories are product of human minds, innovation and creativity.

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Workers are therefore, important in an organisation and ought to be motivated from time to time so that they can give their best to the advancement of such organisation.

It might interest you to know that those we tagged “casual workers” spend the most useful hours of their day towards the success of the organisation in which they work for. Likewise, it’s saddening that these organisation see them as just ordinary workers who can be fired at will; who doesn’t deserve anything special. In other words, they did not see casual workers as crucial resources of the organisation.

In reality, these casual workers have the power to break or make these organisations/companies through the instrument of law, politics and good governance which has been absent for a while because of bad leadership and the lack of political will by their leaders over the years. This and many more has given the white the opportunity to continue to enslave our own people in our own land.

As someone who has been there before, I can boldly say that until we have responsible and responsive leaders, human right activists can’t win this war alone.

Between late 2016 and early 2017, I did my Industrial Training at Zartech, Oluyole Industrial Estate, I couldn’t withstand the inhumane treatment given to our people, and I couldn’t save the situation than to leave to save my generation and unborn generations. It was difficult for me then because I have been placed on monitoring stage for consideration for an employment as junior staff.

I don’t know if Zartech will see this as a defamation or slander, but I see this as extremely important for me to tell this story to save others who are still in that bondage and to make authorities act on it. Our people are dying gradually and systematically.

Zartech alone is enough to change the fortune of Ibadan which is their host, it’s quite unfortunate that reverse is the case. Aside the fact that these companies underpay their workers, they sometimes evade taxes or pay little in some cases to the government.

Zartech is extremely rich and their products been produce here goes beyond the Southwest and the Federal Capital Territory, yet, none of their Permanent staff who has worked for over 10years could boost of having a bicycle.

We resume to factory by 7:30am and close between 4 pm to 4:30pm with an hour break.
As at 2016/2017, for the over seven hours factory work, our wage for that day is #700.

Aside the fact that there’s no Job security for casual workers and some permanent staffs, any day you’re absent either on health ground or personal issue, you forfiet the #700 for that day, they have never made mistake to pay for any day you’re absent, and if you’re absent for 3 consecutive days, you’re out of the company, not minding if you have been working with them for over 10years.

The implication is that, if you’re a casual worker and you’re absent for over a month because of health issue as a result of the factory work, you have no entitlement to salary until you resume work, and that’s if you’re luck to resume back, no hazard allowance, no health insurance, no Job security.

Having experience all these and many more, it’s high time our government develop genuine interest in fighting this menance. Trade unions and other workers right association who have been fighting this injustice for years can’t win if the political will of government at all levels is absent.

While the efforts of Governor Seyi Makinde administration is recognised and appreciated in Gbadebo’s case, may I inform the government that we have similar cases in other factories which I experienced one while at Zartech.

Finally, it should be known that most of the atrocities been committed by these foreign companies are with the support of some indigenes who are benefiting from this injustice and we must begin to expose them as we identify them.


Ajani Kayode is a final year student of Guidance and Counseling, Obafemi Awolowo University, and an associate Management Consultant.

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