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RE: Retrieval Of Generating Set From Bare Community | Olusunbo Olugbemi


My attention has just been drawn to a mischief against my person orchestrated by some unscrupulous elements in the name of playing politics. I read with utmost dismay and utter disbelieve,  a rumour over a purported retrieval of a generating set I procured for Bare community to power a Borehole project I provided in the community.
To start with, without sounding immodest, it is on record that I remain the only Honourable member in the history of Oluyole Federal Constituency that has done the unprecedented by disbursing empowerment materials worth over 200 million naira in which saloon cars, motorbikes, deep freezers, pepper blending machines, Tailoring machines and various other livelihood enhancing materials were distributed to my Constituents in spite of the result of 2019 general elections that wasn’t favourable for our political party. Beyond that, after the result of the election has been announced,  just before the expiration of my tenure of office, I still sunk eight motorized solar powdered boreholes at Olomi market, Aba-Ode at Soka Community, Fodasis and other locations within my federal Constituency. Not relenting on my oars in making life worthwhile for my Constituents, I’m proud to say that I delivered projects to my Constituents till my last day in office and beyond.
For instance,  just recently on Saturday June 15th 2019, my medical outreach team was on field at Idi-Mango Soka, Olomi Market and Alagbaa communities to provide free healthcare involving running of all range of medical tests, giving out of free medication and making referral to major healthcare facilities where the case requires.
Coming from this background, is it not only ridiculous but unthinkable and can never be conceived by any sane mind that I could opt for retrieval of ordinary generating set when I still render financial assistance running into thousands of naira to people on daily to enhance a worthwhile living among people of my constituency. Sometime ago, I purchased cars for the convenience of some political leaders and in spite of them not maintaining the same camp with me I still see them drive those cars around without any thought of harassment of retrieval in spite of pressure from some quarters how then will retrieval of a mere generating set be my priority more so when the generator powers borehole that supply potable water to the good people of my constituency.
For the records, Bare community falls under ward 10 in Oluyole Federal Constituency, the same ward where I have facilitated an adequately equipped healthcare centre with Doctors’ quarters, sets of newly built classrooms and another motorized solar powdered borehole that is 70‰ completed and at the verge of been handed over to people for use. These are just few among several others of my projects in the same ward 10.
Without any equivocation, it is unimaginable that anyone could think that I could stoop so low to have considered retrieval of generating set that I willfully and joyfully gave out to ease the burden of my own people when I’m preoccupied on daily basis on what to do next to put smiles on the faces of my Constituents.
May I state unequivocally that such thought as been circulated by an unscrupulous element who’s overzealously seeking political relevance is a mere figment of imagination of some jittery political caricatures who daily get threatened by my rising profile even when I’m out of office and sorry to disappoint them, they ain’t seen nothing yet, I’m just starting, they should brace up for further shockers as I have just been re-energized to commit all it takes to the benefits and wellbeing of my people even without any political office, I’m poised to do much more that could be imagined. And my philanthropic activities shall continue to be a nightmare that will give them sleepless nights.
May I seize this opportunity to covet my numerous well wishers to remain calm in the face of provocation, when they go low, we won’t go with them, our best revenge for their mischief remains more of life enhancing activities for our people and that alone remain my priority, I will neither sway nor get distracted by their malicious information against me. When they throw me pebbles, I’ll build bridges with them to allow them access.
I, Hon. Olusunbo Olugbemi, shall remain undaunted, steadfast and relentless in my bid to better the lots of my people no matter their antics, I am always better off and I remain committed to my people.
That remains a creed I hold close to my heart, God helping me, I shall never settle for less making life worthwhile for the people of Oluyole Federal Constituency.
Thanks and God bless.

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