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RAMADHAN: Oyo First Lady Distributes Gifts, Says APC’ll Reclaim Power In 2023


Wife of Oyo Governor, Mrs Florence Ajimobi, on Monday, tasked members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state on aligning with the dictates of the leadership of the party, not minding how unpalatable it looked, if the party was to reclaim government in 2023.

According to Ajimobi, support for leaders of the party was more essential than ever, especially as the party goes into the opposition from May 29.

Ajimobi identified these imperatives while distributing food items to residents of the state for the Ramadan period, at Government House, Ibadan.

She avowed belief that with undiluted loyalty to party leaders and God’s grace, the APC would again become the ruling party come 2023.

Ajimobi added that the Ramadan season offered another opportunity for all party faithful to introspect into their lifestyles with a view to making amends, changing their attitudes, giving to and forgiving one another.

“APC will reclaim government in 2023 by God’s grace. But, let us align with the dictates of the party, even if they seem unpalatable. We must support our party leaders. We must be loyal to one another as party members particularly now that we will be in opposition,” Ajimobi said.

Aside from fasting and abstinence, Ajimobi described Ramadan as a time for people to seek repentance, to seek God’s favour, to show love to others.

She allayed fears of a discontinuance of the distribution of food items during forthcoming Ramadan seasons, noting that despite leaving office as wife of the governor on May 29, the event of next year will be held at her Oluyole private residence

“By next Ramadan fasting, I will host you in my Oluyole home and God will enable us to continually do this,” she added.

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