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Radio Nigeria Staff Cries Out Over Threat To Life


Despite the fact that he has retired from service, a former broadcast journalist with the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, FRCN, Mr Amole Anthony Olabode, has continued to receive death threats.

Before the 55-year old retired after the mandatory 35 years in service, he was deputy director (programmes) on grade level 16. He was producing and presenting late night phone-in programme called Lean On Me.

Asked about his whereabouts, he told OYO INSIGHT that “the scenario is that I have gone into hiding because of my radio program that made me to step on so many toes including politicians, cult groups, occult groups, armed robbers etc.”

Lean On Me, OYO INSIGHT learnt was a household name programme in Abuja and its environs.

Since he started the programme 17 years ago, many people, especially the oppressed have found it interesting as it has not only assisted them to address the issues, topical issues and solutions have been treated and solutions were proffered. The programme comes up on Mondays between 10.30 pm and 1 am.

Hear Amole: “Lean On Me has been on radio since 2002 when I introduced the programme. In the course of my presentation of the programme, I exposed so many evils in the society, I exposed crimes and criminals, I interviewed and talked about cult groups, occult groups, armed robbers, fake pastors with fake miracles, baby factory, politicians and the 2019 Presidential election

“I was always receiving threat letters and text messages and I’m still receiving them till now. They are threatening my life on a daily basis. Some of them I reported to the police, but when nothing was done and the threat to my life persisted, I met my lawyer, Barrister Maxwell Opara, who formally wrote a petition to the FCT Commissioner of Police and copied the DSS with another follow up letters to them, yet nothing was done in respect of the petition.

Thanks “An attempt was made on my life while returning home from town, my house was also attacked after I received a text message warning me not to sleep in my house. That made me to leave my house with my family and I have been on the run since then moving from one place to another,” he added.

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