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Peller’s Daughter Says “Dad’s Fame Not Putting Me Under Pressure To Excel”


It is apparent that showbiz runs deep in the veins of the famous Peller family.

While the late patriarch of the family was a popular magician, some of his children ventured into other spheres of entertainment like acting and singing.

Probably in order to be different, Shina Peller branched out and became the owner of a popular nightclub in Lagos.


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Probably following the family tradition, his 11-year-old daughter, Naomi, has become a singer with several songs to her credit.


In a chat with Saturday Beats, she revealed that even though her father is very popular in the Nigeria entertainment scene, his popularity has not put her under any pressure.


She said, “My dad is a very determined man; but his popularity has not put me under any pressure. Instead, it makes me look up to him. He is a really funny father that wants the best for his children; he just wants us to be happy. My father has taught me many things and one of his favourite sayings to me is that I should never do anything I know I cannot do in the presence of my parents.”



Speaking on how she has been able to combine music with her schooling, she said that she ensures she buckles down when it is time for exams. “I know that education is a basic human need, so I make sure that whenever I have an examination, I study extra hard,” she said.

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