Home News Oyo Global Congress Unveils Plans For Oyo Alaafin World Congress 2024

Oyo Global Congress Unveils Plans For Oyo Alaafin World Congress 2024


The Oyo Global Congress, OGC, under the distinguished leadership of Alhaji Bolaji Hassan, is pleased to announce the forthcoming Oyo Alaafin World Congress, scheduled to be held in Oyo by the third quarter of 2024.

This momentous event aims to bring together the revered sons and daughters of Oyo, both within the country and across the diaspora, for a collaborative and inclusive gathering.

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The agenda setting and unveiling ceremony, recently held at the prestigious Atiba Town Hall in Oyo, marked the official commencement of preparations for the Oyo Alaafin World Congress.

Sir Sure, as the president of OGC is popularly called, duly emphasized the significance of this collective project and earnestly solicited the support of all stakeholders in ensuring the resounding success of this international gathering.

“The Oyo Alaafin World Congress is a platform that transcends boundaries, enabling the unification of Oyo natives and enthusiasts from every corner of the globe. As Alhaji Bolaji Hassan Sir Sure aptly stated, this landmark event is an opportunity for all clubs, societies, and associations of Oyo extraction to consider it as their own, thereby fostering a strong sense of ownership and dedication. He further extended an invitation to collaborate with groups from various countries, encouraging robust partnerships that will undoubtedly contribute to the triumph of the congress.

“The primary objective of the Oyo Alaafin World Congress is to promote unity and provide a forum for engaging in constructive dialogue on pertinent issues that concern the people of Oyo. It serves as a platform for intellectual exchange, where insightful discussions, exchange of ideas, and effective resolutions can transpire. By fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity and cooperation, the congress endeavours to generate dynamic solutions that will contribute to the betterment of Oyo and its people.

“In addition to its unifying goals, the Oyo Alaafin World Congress also places a significant focus on empowering the youth and creating opportunities for the unemployed. The congress intends to leverage the vast networks and connections of successful Oyo indigenes from various professions and industries to provide robust and meaningful employment prospects for the youth. By harnessing the expertise and experiences of accomplished individuals, the congress seeks to uplift the socio-economic landscape of Oyo and pave the way for a prosperous future.

“It is crucial to note that the Oyo Global Congress was established with the specific aim of initiating innovative ideas, sponsoring transformative projects, and facilitating programmes for the development of Oyo Alaafin and its esteemed citizenry. The Oyo Global Congress unabashedly champions progress, unity, and growth, and the Oyo Alaafin World Congress epitomizes the core values of this esteemed organization according to Alhaji Bolaji Hassan Sir Sure.

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