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Oko Oloyun’s Murder And Insecurity In Ibarapaland | ‘Yemi Akinlabi


Although I never met or had any contact with Oko Oloyun throughout his life, I am pained by his death. In fact, I cannot recollect ever using any of his products. Yet I am highly disturbed with the gruesome murder of such an illustrious. Industrious, Innovative, transformative and growing man at his prime. This is a man that is contributing to the economic development, employment generation, wellbeing and medical welfare of his people without getting involved in the murky water of politics. He made his money and names without being corrupt or embezzling.

Apart from that, it saddened me that the heartbreaking event occurred within Ibarapaland. In recent times, my primary homeland is becoming unpopular for different types of threat to life and insecurity that we never heard of as a growing child. As recent as five years ago, I will finish meetings in Ibadan around 10.30 p m or 11.30 pm and return to the comfort of my house at Igboora without and fear of danger or harm. These days, people are scared of traveling in daytime or even going to their farms.

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Without mincing words, the spate of insecurity will have negative impact on the farming, economic activities, transportation and social development of Ibarapaland just as it was in Ibarapa central about seven years ago when robbery and rape along Igboora / Abeokuta was incessant. It almost reduced our local markets and economy to nothing until we had an expanded Peace and Security Committee of the community which provided a solution to it. I think it is now time to have an expanded meeting of such a Committee for the entire Ibarapaland.

About four years ago, I assisted a USA based friend to buy hectares of land at two locations in igboora to set up farms with the intention of having an agro allied industry. This friend comes to Nigeria three or four times a year and spend time in igboora during each visit. He left me in the USA at the end of last December and told me that he will not go near Ibarapa with the spate of prevailing insecurity and he didnt. I think his thoughts are justified now.

I will plead with the Caretaker Chairmen and their LCDA counterparts to please work together, convey an enlarge Peace and Security meeting and request for special team of Amotekun from His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde. We deserve our peace and freedom again.

A oni fojo olojo lo oooo. Ibarapa O nibaje ooo

Yemi Akinlabi

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