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Oyo ALGON Asks Makinde To Deploy Ilaka To Motor Park Over ‘Uncouth’ Statement

The Oyo State chapter of the Association of Local Government of Nigeria, ALGON, is angry with the Chief of Staff to Governor Seyi Makinde, Chief Bisi Ilaka, for saying that the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the state is a parliament of baboons and congress of idiots.
In a statement made available to OYO INSIGHT by its chairman, Prince Abass Ayodeji-Alesinloye, ALGON advised Makinde to deploy the Oyo-born politician to motorpark where, according to them, he fits.
When you give  plenty toys to a toddler, he will start to see the whole world as a playground.
Since Chief Bisi Ilaka was appointed as Chief of Staff to Governor Seyi Makinde, the first appointment announced after the inauguration of the new administration  of Oyo State,  he (Ilaka) has been fouling the social and media space with the most uncouth, unguarded statements and expletives that demeaned his office and exposed the exalted office of the governor, whom he speaks for, to extreme ridicule and public opprobrium.
We wrongly thought initially that Ilaka’s flippancy from the first day of his rehabilitative appointment was as a result of the serially failed politician’s post victory excitement, but his latest unguarded description of the APC *”as a parliament of baboons, a congress of idiots”,* shows that beyond excitement,  Ilaka is a pathological liar with penchant for verbosity, all noise and no sense of humility so as to hide his serious deficiency and obvious incapacity to manage government – public relations.
In order to prevent such an unfit to be in official public space, we advise His Excellency, Governor Makinde, to immediately deploy Ilaka to any of the motor parks in the state to coordinate revenue generation for government. 
He has the bile, braggadocio and uncultured street mentality to make him prosper there.
The office of CoS to a governor demands high etiquette, cerebral calmness, emotional intelligence and moral discipline but unfortunately Chief Ilaka has shown through his public speeches and conducts that he lacks these attributes.
This is our sincere advice to the governor before he further damage his regime and return the state to the better forgotten years of violent ‘garage politics’.
 Prince Ayodeji Abass-Aleshinloye
 ALGON Chairman
Oyo State
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