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Family Threatens Banker For Not Bringing Daughters For Circumcision


This is not the best of times for the Azeez family of Oyo town of Oyo State two years after their son, Tunde Azeez, a banker, is yet to return home years after leaving home with his wife and three kids.

Tunde Azeez, his wife and three daughters had left their former place without any trace since 2017 owing to the annual circumcision of female children in the family.

And the family has threatened to invoke the spirit of their forbears on him if he fails to provide them for circumcision.

According to a statement, a copy of which was obtained by OYOINSIGHT.COM, the family alleged that the young Azeez and his wife deliberately left with their daughters after refusing to bring them to their hometown of Oyo for circumcision exercise.

One of the family members, who spoke in confidence, said a similar scenario played out when the first and second daughter were to be brought for circumcision. “He ran away with the little girl in the middle of the night. This was after he had vehemently expressed displeasure with the practice. We don’t know the kind of education he has acquired that makes him run away from our age-long culture.”

They appealed to him to bring the little girls home as required by the family’s tradition.

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