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Osinbajo’s Deceitful Campaign In Okeogun | Waheed Lawal


When gold rusts, what will an iron do?

I wonder how the Vice President, a pastor and a lawyer will approach or follow a campaign train to Okeogun in future to campaign, either for himself or on behalf of another person.

They say, first impression lasts longer. If the people of Okeogun had never interacted nor worked with Prof Yemi Osinbajo, at least, the campaign for 2019 presidential election afforded them the opportunity. Our people filed out like swam of locusts, our traditional rulers came out in the colourful majestic regalias, our youths marched out in their youthful exuberance and vibrancy to welcome the VP as if he was a Messiah.

The VP spoke as if he was speaking from the pulpit and that every word that came out of his mouth was by a divine inspiration.

He mesmerized us with his gentle and soft words laced with hopes, assurances and holy spirit. He rounded up every speech “oke oke la nlo oooo2x Olorire tele mi, oke oke la nlo ooo.

Our people chorused the song as if they were reciting their orikis and their heads got swollen.

Till date, the VP has neither visited our people nor sent thank you message to the people of Okeogun. If Atiku won and beat APC in Oyo state, it’s certainly not from Okeogun areas. Okeogun did not only vote enmasse fro President Buhari / VP Osinbajo, we delivered our Senatorial District to APC by winning the Senate and House of Reps seats for APC.

What a political scam?

Where is the VP Yemi Osinbajo today? What has he done to our people? Who has he contacted, appointed or supported from among the Okeogun people? Who is his contact person from Okeogun? Can he remember where Okeogun is today? Let us bring out the results of the votes cast for the presidential election in Oyo state, did the people of Okeogun not vote enmasse for APC? If it’s not easy for Buhari to visit Okeogun, is it difficult for VP to pay visit to Okeogun if only to thank the people and tell them the efforts he is making?

Will the VP have the audacity and not feel ashamed to come back to Okeogun to seek for votes? I know he may not seek for votes again because he has not built enough structures to actually attempt to contest for any post, he has not learnt the rudiments of politics and political game for 8 years as Attorney General and for over 5 years of his being a vice president and can never learn it again. Let him chop this one finish and retire into his Redeemed Church and continue his pastoral work. If he is lucky, let him replace Pastor Adeboye as Daddy G. O.

The fact which I can stand and say anywhere is that the people of Okeogun have been decieved and scammed politically by the vice President. We never expected this from a person of his status as a pastor and a vice President. If all politicians made promises they don’t and can’t fulfil, same is not expected of a pastor or imam in politics.

As much as I would have loved to mobilise the youths to protest against the no fulfilment of promises made to Okeogun people by the VP and to ask the VP to tender an apology to our people, the information that even members of churches not Redeem were also complaining against the VP held me back. I’m aware and I know that one former vice president while serving as VP built and made people in all the geopolitical zones. During Christmas and Ileya he used to send gifts to Christians and Muslims. I’m not aware that the VP extended his generosity to any of our people in Okeogun. What kind of politics is that?
Well, that’s just by the way. All we are saying is that the VP should tell us what happens to all the promises he made to the good people of Okeogun? Who is his contact man through which the Okeogun people can reach him? Simple.

Barrister Waheed O. Lawal

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