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OPINION: Tegbe For All And The WIIFU Question | Olusola Akinyele


It is obvious for a new emphasis that forming a major plank on which Engineer Joseph Olasunkanmi Tegbe campaign project plan solidly rests is accommodating everyone without bias to integrate all inclusiveness since politics itself is about people.  

The participatory approach adopted by Engineer Joseph Tegbe is anchored on the belief that everyone is useful and can be assigned to his or her areas of competence.  Engineer Joseph Tegbe has made it clear on several occasions that he is to manage people as a supervisor not to occupy the pilot seat and claim to be a super talent.  I think this is one reasons why people are seeing him as a “man for all.”

When he was recently grilled about his plan for those people who are described as “scavenging griffon vulture ” by some other aspirants, who should not be tolerated,  Tegbe did not mince his words “A society and individuals are complimentary to each other, not opposite and of course inseparable, hence as we are all social products  moulded by the same society whoever fortune has smiled on should not denigrate others less fortunate, rather should do his or her best to improve the quality of life and economic circumstances of such less fortunate. Every dog  they say, have its day.  It is by moving close to people you will discover their hidden potentials and hone their talents towards a productive venture.” 

The man of the people added that “since we live in the same social milieu, those who need help will naturally seek for it,  no matter their status they must not be cast off but be encouraged to  re discover their own strength and use it well to better their lives.”

From the above submission by a man full of compassion,  we can garner that every human being is cast into the world as in an open sea and our survival depends on how much influence we can wrought on one another.  Therefore we can contend with the fact that those asking “what is in for us, “WIIFU” questions are but a vital spoke in the workings of the social development of the nation if only they can be rightly guided.   

Those who offer a meal for the needies can only get a fatuous smile in return but a bout of laughter greet any man that offers a helping hand to turn around the unfortunate situation of such people to be self reliant.  This is what TEGBE embodies.

African communities are close knitted and have certain values proper to their ways of life which  essentially envisioned a societal well being and social advancement of all.  Doing the contrary will amount to what Epicurus  calls “fighting against all sensations” and he avers “you will have no standards by which to judge over those things you say are false if you fight against all sensations.”

It has been observed by this writer that whenever TEGBE and his campaign train moves,  they are always welcomed by the high and the low in the society.  Most of the time you need a wisdom of Solomon to point out the A-list Engineer cum Accountant in the midst of the highly elated tumultuous crowd who have it in mind that everyone is important in TEGBE’s government.  Don’t forget that Engineer Joseph Olasunkanmi Tegbe has promised that if voted into power come 2019, everyone will drive the developmental process together as people not only himself will own the government. The goals of any society are it’s common values.  

No wonder it’s the shout of “TEGBE, TEGBE” everywhere you go.

Comrade Akinyele writes from Ibadan

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