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OPINION: SMMFGG, The Democratic Reality Is Here At Last | Bolaji Babatunde


While some power mongers see democracy as the conception of power for material empowerment and pursuance of selfish interest, a true Democrat sees it as an art of service. The kernel of what represents a true  democracy is amply demonstrated in the enduring  values exhibited by Engr Seyi Makinde. He is a man whose ideal is centered on the triad of development of human resources, strengthening of social institutions and provision of equal opportunity for all in the state. To Engineer Oluseyi Makinde, the end of political power game is not the desperation for and actualisation of power in itself, but the values. 

As a successful businessman and a lengthened shadow of his organization growing in leaps and bounds, Engineer Oluseyi Makinde relies on image flow as a tool to flourish his business empire.  The concept he is bringing into governance system to identify gaps, fix constraints and manage development effectively, knowing full well that his reputation is at stake. 

Transformation for development of Oyo state is a goal that Engineer Seyi Makinde has set for himself over a long time and he has been seeking popular mandate  to make it a reality. His feeling for the people and his desires to pursue their interest to a logical end is conspicuous. That’s why he has been deploying his resources to advance this noble cause without any let nor regret. This people-centered feeling replica to what Water Lipman called “image concept” in Seyi, is aroussed by mental image and painted by positive stimuli and communication, all for the sake of the masses. The Enthusiastic attitude of Engineer Seyi Makinde and the ideal he proposed has eventuated in an action plan for Empowerment and Bright future for the youth and better life for all. He will soon roll out the action agenda to the public.

A man who never builds on a false ground is never in ruins. That Engineer Seyi Makinde is well prepared for the task ahead is not in doubt. He has assembled a think tank to move round the nooks and crannies of Oyo state to assess their  specific needs and marshall strategic planning to address them. By 2019, when by the grace of God he emerges as the governor of Oyo state, his, will be a case of opportunity meeting preparation. 

Engineer Seyi Makinde is never consumed with the past, he sees a brighter future ahead. He has identified the mountain of challenges and prepared to level them to the base using modern scientific approach to governance. 

As a lucky people, blessed with a purposeful and transformative leader of Seyi Makinde who has discovered his mission, the ball is in our court, to support him to realise the mission.  We must join hands with him to fulfill the mission and never to betray it. 

To make contact with the democractic reality in motion and be part of the purpose driven movement, all you need to do is to join the moving train of SMMFGG and experience the “beingness” which is above selfhood. 

Oyo state must work.

Comrade Bolaji Babatunde is the Convener of SMMFGG.

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