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Lanlehin: Ajimobi Doesn’t Have Affection For People


Candidate of the African Democratic Congress, ADC, in the 2019 governorship election, Sen. Olufemi Lanlehin, has said that Governor Abiola Ajimobi doesn’t have affection for people.

According to Lanlehin, in an interview with Daily Sun, he said “the people of the state have had the misfortune of being governed by the person, who does not have an affection for the people, who does not have the interest of the people

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at heart, who does not care for the teeming youth who are out there pounding the street looking for jobs or looking for jobs that are not there.”

He continued: “So, without much ado, one can see that honestly for almost eight years, this state has been in a very terrible state because the man at the helms of affairs, Abiola Ajimobi, does not, in my own opinion, care for our people and the welfare of our people. He has not applied himself diligently enough towards their welfare.”

Lanlehin said he has always advocated “people-centred policies from day one when we were in the same party. I have always insisted that you must look at our people from the prism of the need to provide for their welfare, no matter how small. You must come down from your Olympian horse and listen to our people, interact with them, and listen to genuine advices that will make you to provide things that will be in their interest. What I am saying is not a rocket science. It is what you can see. If you go to the inner cities, even towns and villages around, and anywhere in Oyo State, there are teeming number of people, who are out there that don’t have a job. The agricultural lands are all there, lying fallow, wasted and not being tilled optimally.

“The government can do quite a lot from the allocations that we get every month, which is not less than N5.5 billion. The Paris Club windfall that we get from time to time, the World Bank and other interventional aids, assisted projects and finance that we got from time to time, where do these monies go?

“If people are comfortable and they are being taken care of, it does not take any long research to discover that. If you go town yourself as a very experienced media practitioner, and interview ordinary and not so primary persons, you will discover that they are in pains, they are in wants and life has not been very easy for them. Oyo State is an economy, the hybrid of commerce, industry and the civil service, and public service, which have to synchronise and synergise for things to move ahead. What has happened to all the industries that we use to have around Odo-Ona, the ones we used to have at Oluyole, and the ones we used to have after Iwo Road, as well as other places? What happened to them? It doesn’t take much to pump some things into them, revive them and there will be a chain reaction. We don’t need you to be to Denmark, Norway, China and travel all over the world, saying you are looking for investors. Where are the investors now.

“You tell me the good things he has done and probably I will react. What I can see are a few dualized roads, both in Ibadan and outside Ibadan, most of which have not been completed in the almost eight years that he has been there. Is it the Eleyele-Ologuneru road that is being badly constructed? Recently, I heard that a part of the road had been blocked because it became totally flooded. If you go there yourself, you will see undulating nature of the road. How long will it last in spite of the fact a lot of houses were demolished? Of course, I know there must be knocked down houses for road development to take place. Is it the Iwo Road-Agodi ‘destruction’ and that construction that is not ongoing, which is haphazard? Is it the Agodi-Idi Ape-Akobo Road?

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