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OPINION: Demolition Of Yinka Ayefele’s Music House | Mutalubi Ojo


I do not know of any Legal Practitioner based in Oyo State of Nigeria except my humble self who is more passionately committed to the ideals of the PMB more than S.T. A.Raji Esq.

To Stephen Adekunle Raji Esq., he puts his whole heart and body into whatever he believes in and pursue same with courage convictions and tenaciously.  Ditto for my good self.

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However, I became a Buharist since 2003 as I started routing for GMB as we called him them ro emerge as the President of this country. 

People like us were wise and quick enough to see the dictatorship in former president Olusegun Obasanjo and the emptiness of the government that he led since 1999.

Even when when our party, the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, presented Mallam Nuhu Ribadu as her presidential candidate in 2007, I mobilized massively for GMB, more so since my own Gubernatorial candidate, Senator Abiola Ajimobi also contested in 2007, like GMB, under the platform of ANPP.

When GMB contested under CPC in 2011, I also mobilized for GMB and my dreams of having GMB as the President did not materialize until 2015 with the APC coalition.

Just like I have implicit confidence and belief in PMB’s ideas and ideals of good governance for the country, I make bold to say that I have greater belief and utmost confidence in Senator Abiola Ajimobi to offer and provide a sound government whose bedrock and all it stands for is the dispensation of the best ideas and ideals of good governance in Oyo State since 2007 but which dreams did not materialize until 2011 when Senator Ajimobi was elected and sworn in as the Governor of Oyo State under the platform of Action Congress and which mandate was re-newed by the good people of Oyo State with the unprecedented re-election of Senator Abiola Ajimobi in 2015 election known as koseleri re-election where for the first time in the history of the pace-setting state the second term re-election jinx was broken by the Constituted Authority Koseleri Governor himself.

I am proud to assert and say boldly that Senator Abiola Ajimobi has since  29th May, 2011 when he was entrusted with the mandate of governing Oyo State that he has most successfully and most faithfully  discharged his electoral promises to the good people of Oyo State without failure and he impacted positively and continues to impact positively on the people of rhe state through the best global practices in good governance. 

I stand to be contradicted and I make bold to say that Senator Abiola Ajimobi is the best Civilian Governor to lead Oyo State after the great Cicero of Esa Oke, our own Uncle Bola Ige.

The parameters and measuring indices abound and very visible all over the state for every discerning and objective person to see except those who are either politically prejudiced, biased and jaundiced.

It therefore amused me and beat me so hollow when most people in the state and indeed the country including my good friend and brother, S.T.A. Raji Esq. allowed mere emotions and sentiments to becloud and overwhelm the best of judgement instinct in them when they subjectively  and baselessly condemned the partial demolition of the Music House of my adored and favourite Gospel Singer, Dr Yinka Ayefele in Ibadan on Sunday the 19th day of August, 2018.

However, because the issue of the demolition of the property in question is subjudice or still a subject matter of an ongoing pending litigation in a court of competent jurisdiction, I shall not be in a position to offer any comment on the matter, more so that I am one of the counsels representing Oyo State Government in the matter. Our legal team is being led by the respected Chief Yomi Alliyu SAN.

It is pertinent for me to state and declare however that as far back as 2012, I had rendered sound legal advice to Oyo state Government and most especially the now defunct Ministry of Physical Planing and also the then Ministry of Lands and Housing that the then ongoing construction of the building now known as Music House be demolished and that the owner should be arrested and prosecuted for flagrantly violating and wilfully disobeying with naked impunity all known provisions of the Towns and Country Planning Laws of Oyo State in particular and Nigeria.

Till date, I am yet to know or yet to be told why the sound legal advice that I rendered to the government then as the Hon. Attorney-General and Commissioner of Justice was not heeded and respected then.

It gladdens my heart however that my admonition then to Mr. Yinka Ayefele in the presence of Hon. Isaac Ajiboye Omodewu who was and is still the Commissioner of Lands in Oyo State at one of several inter-minsterial meetings we had with Chief Yinka Ayefele at that time has now came to pass. I predicted and opined then that, “Mr. Ayefele, I am a fanatical fan of your brand of music and I love you so passionately.  Please and please do not offer a kobo as bribe to anybody in respect of this property of yours as I can tell you that if our government fail to demolish the property now, I can assure you that another government in the future shall do the needful to demolish same before your very eyes and you shall be made to pay for the cost of the demolition and the cost of clearing the demolished debris from the site.”

The rest is history on how more prophetic those advice of mine could be.

But since I am still a member of the Ibadan branch of the NBA, I have no choice than to agree with the press release issued by my branch exco on this matter for now, but I am of the firm view that the NBA shall make a 360 degrees turn-arround if and when it sees the full and correct facts of this matter.

I am however happy that the Ibadan branch of the NBA under the able, focussed and erudite Dr. John Oluwole Akintayo has again found her voice as the voice of the voiceless since the branch went into comatose after the glorious leadership of Oluseun Abimbola Esq.who coincidentally is the incumbent Hon Attorney-General and Commissioner  for Justice  of Oyo State  .

Mutalubi Ojo Adebayo Esq,

The Immediate Past Hon Attorney-General & Commissioner for Justice of Oyo State of Nigeria 

Dated at Ibadan, Oyo State of Nigeria, this Tuesday, the

21st August, 2018.

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