Home News ‘You’re Drunkards…’— Mogajis Slam CCII For Celebrating Ajimobi ‘When People Are Hungry’

‘You’re Drunkards…’— Mogajis Slam CCII For Celebrating Ajimobi ‘When People Are Hungry’


Mogajis in Ibadan land, under the banner of Authentic Mogajis on yesterday challenged the leadership of the Central Council of Ibadan indigenes (CCII) to explain the source of the millions of Naira spent on the birthday of the governor of Oyo state, Senator Abiola Ajimobi to the people of the state.

In a chat with oyoecho33news, the spokesperson of the group, Mogaji Wale Oladoja said CCII is not credible enough to speak on the issue of governance in Oyo state.

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Oladoja said CCII is a mere group of drunkard who can only advise breweries on the prices of beers, urging them to stay clear of issue of governance.

“They can advise Nigeria Breweries to bring down price of drinks and not to intervene in the issue of governance.”

The family head said CCII was spending money on the birthday of Ajimobi when the governor himself is financially buoyant enough to care for invited guests. “What is their interest in celebrating Ajimobi’s birthday,”he quaried.

Oladoja warned CCII to desist from intervening in settling the rift between Olubadan and the newly elevated kings in Ibadan, saying they should allow court to decide the case. 

“We are in court on the rift between Olubadan and the newly elevated kings, let them wait for the outcome of the court case. Social club should not see themselves as a factor in Ibadan land,” Oladoja said.

He said Ajimobi and Olubadan see themselves as father and son. “They should steer clear from Olubadan and Ajimobi’s rift. Ajimobi knows Olubadan as his father and Olubadan knows Ajimobi as his son. We want the court to decide the fate of the case and not some people fighting for their pocket.

“To the new kings, the plastic crowns they are wearing around is even a sin to the people of Ibadan land.  They should stop wearing it around if they want the people of Ibadan land to forgive them.”

He said: “If you expect your wife at home in the night and you don’t see her, go to CCII club house. That is what they know how to do and not governance. Does such group credible enough to speak for people?

“You are celebrating Ajimobi’s birthday when people are hungry. You are celebrating Ajimobi’s birthday when people are losing jobs on the daily basis.

“Akobo people are going through a hard time now. The road to their community is in a terrible situation and some people are celebrating Ajimobi in grand style.

“Instead of the CCII to advise the governor on the best way to treat good people of Oyo, they are celebrating his birthday,” he added.

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