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OPINION: Bayo Adelabu, Patriotic Son Of The Soil | Gbenga Adeoye


The 2019 gubernatorial election is just few days away, but as a matter of fact, clarity should be given to the question of ‘why Adelabu Adebayo at this time?

We must never forget one thing about leadership, is ability to take responsibility, be compassionate and as well be able to convert limited and available resources to a bigger life changing opportunities for the populace. 

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Chief Bayo Adelabu’s ambition is a clarion call like, to lead the line and bring back an all inclusive dividends of democracy for the good people of Oyo State. 

Tell me that man who loves his people down to his heart, then I will show you Bayo Adelabu, a  man that has sacrifice many things for the good people of Oyo state. 

In his own goodwill, he established a Foundation, Bayo Adelabu is a great philanthropist whose philanthropical gesture cut across the nooks and crannies of the state. He  has employed thousands of people inform of direct and indirect jobs, he’s providing alternative medical therapy to save lives of millions of people in the country.

Importantly, Chief Bayo Adelabu, is a renowned philanthropist; even within the little he has, he has been a cheerful donor. His generosity span to empowerment of young graduates with stable jobs, empowerment for artisans through equipments procurement, job placement, trainings, religious programs, community development supports, and grassroots  sport development.

Fast forward to this upcoming election, where we have a herculean task of entrusting our Oyo State unto another man of good repute. Then, we must critically review all options before us and chose wisely, the man that has the complete passion of his people irrespective of their background and political difference, we must entrust power to a man who will invest on the development of the State, not a man that wil take our resources to other areas of no interest and benefit to the good people of Oyo State. To explore all the great values and endowments that abounds here, we must elect a man who will be generally accessible, we must elect a man who is a job provider, we must elect a man who understands the feelings and aspirations of the average people, we need a man who values education and would take as priority basic infrastructure turn around in OYO STATE And that person is Chief Adelabu Adebayo.

At this point, let’s get it right!

Let’s get it correctly!

The agenda is simple, and it’s about all of us! Power belongs to God and He invested it in we human being, let’s send the best, let’s support the best, let’s vote for the best EMINENTLY QUALIFIED.

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