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Olumide Ojerinde: The Simple, Surprising Facts That Stand Him Out | Kunle Anishmashun


Some leaders push representation by being good at the big picture. Others do so by mastering details. Honorable Olumide Ojerinde has surprisingly done both, effortlessly, relentlessly. What stymied his predecessors in the discharge of their mandates has rather been transformed into building blocks evidenced in visible landmarks: his Midas touch in education, security, health, critical infrastructure, employment, empowerment, and vitally, the first of its kind bill to establish Federal Medical Centre, Igboho. Despite being the first-timer in the green chamber, the Covenant University-trained computer scientist has left no stone unturned in his quest to show leadership where it matters.

In just three years of effective representation, Honorable Ojerinde has proven his mettle and displayed that rare, extraordinary, and exceptional courage by forging a harmonious working relationship with House Principal Officials; notable the Speaker, Rt. Honorable Femi Gbajabiamila – one of the most important steps toward making an impact both at the House (the green chamber) and in his House – (his Constituency). Clearly and modestly, Honorable Ojerinde strides undoubtedly have placed him in such an enviable vantage position, one which previous occupants of that seat from that ancient district have never enjoyed.

Not the one to let such invaluable opportunity fade into the air, Honorable Ojerinde has continued to deploy that intimate connection in addition to other feathers that stand him out in the service of his people.

In one of his interventions on leadership, famed Italian Diplomat, Nicolo Machiavelli once remarked glowingly that the quality of a leader is determined by those that surround him. Admittedly, for Honorable Ojerinde, nothing is truer. He has done incredibly well, forged an enduring connection with crème de la crème of the house, and performed exceptionally well. He deserves a second term.

Acutely aware of the agrarian nature of his constituency, another fact that distinctly stands him out, Honorable Ojerinde should rank among the top federal lawmakers in the area of agricultural empowerment. He has organized numerous life-changing training, repeatedly, in the three communities that form the constituency; dishing out seedlings, chemicals, and crucially, the technical know-how on how to handle those packages.

Additionally, he has also facilitated experts across ivory towers in the agric value chains to walk farmers through the curves and contours of their occupation. No doubt, as one farmer wittily confessed “he is a worthy representative whose second term bid should be sacrosanct and supported by lovers of development in the constituency”.

Honorable Olumide Ojerinde stands out among his peers not because he has surpassed and outwitted his predecessors in all yardsticks of representation and law-making but because he has all it takes to achieve the impossible. To the chagrin of his traducers, Honorable Ojerinde has by far displayed that capacity and keen sense of duty to set his constituency on the path of history by making it the first in Oke-Ogun to house a federal establishment. His second term would help consolidate on his first term gains, to the greatest advantage of the good people of his constituency.

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